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About Last Season: Justin Faulk Performance Review and Grade

In a complete 180 from last off-season, Justin Faulk went from trade bait to a competitive leader for the Canes.

Jamie Kellner

Justin Faulk: 2018-19 By The Numbers

  • Age: 27
  • NHL Seasons: 8
  • Scoring: 11 goals, 24 assists, 35 points
  • Ice Time: 17:46 ES, 2:56 PP, 1:43 PK
  • 5 on 5 Stats: 53.8% CF, 53.9% GF
  • Contract Status: One year remaining, $4.83 Million AAV

Making The Grade

Last off season may have been the hardest to date for Justin Faulk. He has just finished his seventh season as a NHL player for the Carolina Hurricanes and it was by far his worst. Trade speculation ran wild and the fan base was ready to see the Co-Captain out the door. But the Hurricanes brought Faulk back and it couldn’t have turned out any better for both parties.

Settling back in to his role as an alternate captain behind newly-appointed captain Justin Williams, Faulk had arguably his best season since 2014-15 when he posted a career high 49 points. His defense was night and day better than it was the year before and he was a key part of the team coming together as one.

For only the second time in his career Faulk was a plus player at plus-nine, which is a career best. He also had a career high 121 blocked shots which is a true testament to his dedication on the back end.

Where there some areas you would like to see Faulk improve upon? Of course. He was on the first power play unit for almost the entire season, and everyone knows that the power play was less than ideal. He also made his patented Faulk plays here and there that would lead directly to a goal and leave you scratching your head. But those mistakes were much fewer and further between than in years past.

The highlight of his season has to be his goal in the Islanders series where he was able to grab the puck mid-air coming out of the penalty box and walk in for a huge goal.

PNC Arena went absolutely crazy when Faulk scored that goal and it may be his most memorable moment ever in a Hurricanes jersey.

Entering the final year of his team-friendly contract, there will again be trade rumors afloat with Faulk. The Hurricanes need scoring and they have a plethora of defensemen (specifically right shots like Faulk) to help make that happen. But unlike a year ago, the feeling isn’t that Faulk is on his way. It’s that Faulk is a key part of this team once again and he should be a vital piece of next season. That is exactly why it would appear the Canes want to get him re-signed soon.

From trade bait to defining leader, Justin Faulk took a 180 degree turn from a year ago. The longest tenured Hurricane finally got a taste of the playoffs and one should figure that will only make him want it even more next season. The coaching staff needs to figure out Faulk’s role in the power play as his current role clearly was not working, but once that is resolved Faulk will continue to be a key part and leader for the Hurricanes moving forward.

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