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About Last Season: Greg McKegg Performance Review and Grade

A solid plug in for the second half, Greg McKegg helped to stabilize the Canes’ fourth line.

Jamie Kellner

Greg McKegg: 2018-2019 By The Numbers

  • Age: 26
  • NHL Seasons: 6
  • Games Played: 41
  • Scoring: 6 goals, 5 assists, 11 points
  • Ice Time: 10:40 all situations, 10:31 ES, 0:07 PP, 0:02 PK
  • 5 on 5 Stats: 50.4% CF, 50.0% GF
  • Contract: Unrestricted Free Agent

Making the Grade

Ever the journeyman, Greg McKegg entered the 2018-19 season as organizational depth within the Carolina Hurricanes organization. Not making his NHL debut for the year until January 4th, McKegg spent most of his time in Charlotte waiting for an opportunity that was never guaranteed to come. When he was called upon to fill a spot on the Canes fourth line however, he provided surprisingly steady play that, along with the rotating band of teammates he continued to be grouped with, provided a solid and physical presence.

One of the reasons that the Canes were able to play so well in five-on-five action was the ability to have confidence in all four lines to drive play. While McKegg and his partners were rarely offensively potent, they were often in the offensive zone and occupying the puck. And as a center, McKegg posted a positive faceoff percentage (51%) over 286 draws during the regular season.

While McKegg was not counted on to fill a special teams role, as the Canes drew into the postseason, McKegg’s responsibilities were not diminished greatly. In fact, when often flanked by linemates who spend most if not all season in Charlotte, McKegg provided many pivotal shifts in what were seen as less than advantageous matchups on paper for the Canes. He was able to chip in a pair of goals and generally was able to be part of a line that continued to hold its own in all three zones on the ice.

While McKegg will never be confused for a skilled forward, his efforts in the second half of the season and in the postseason may well be enough to earn him an NHL job for the coming year. It is unlikely, however, with the prospects moving forward within the organization and the opportunities that await in free agency and on the trade market, that McKegg will return to Carolina. If he were to be unable to capture a spot in a camp to compete for a roster spot, it could be possible that he returns to Charlotte in a role similar to what he was slotted this past season.


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