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Storm Advisory 7/24/19: NHL News, Links and Daily Roundup

Svechnikov poised to break out, Mrazek hosts his goalie camp, and some weird deals in the NHL.

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Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • Andrei Svechnikov’s rookie year was mighty impressive, and he could be among the biggest breakout players in all of hockey during his sophomore season. (The Athletic $)
  • Like the Hurricanes, the Sharks are fresh off of a good playoff run and they’re optimistic about a veteran cornerstone player coming back for one more season. (NHL)
  • A homecoming (of sorts) for David Clarkson. Garret Sparks heads the other way to Vegas.
  • It looks like Colton Sissons is going to be a Nashville Predator for a... really long time.
  • I mean... if it works, it works.
  • Once again, Flyingonmybroomstick has come through with a great find. Petr Mrazek hosted his goalie camp over the weekend, and there was a Czech article written about it. Here’s the article summary copied and pasted from FOMB’s comment on yesterday’s storm advisory:

Hi guys, I thought I would tell you about this. Petr had his goalie camp this weekend that we just had, and there was a Czech article about it. It was interesting to me, so I thought maybe it would be to some of you too.

The camp was for 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday. There were 21 goalies from age 12 to 17, that was the limit. They do that because Petr said he thinks it’s really important to make the camp have meaning that the goalies get good instructions from the coaches. So they divide them into groups of 3, and each group has a coach working with them on a different thing. Petr is one of the coaches. The article talked about how a lot of time when athletes have camps they aren’t even there that much, and other people do everything. They said Petr’s camp is different because he is out there with them in all his goalie equipment too, and he shows them how to do each drill and how it should look. They got 60 applications but only take 21 goalies, so Petr and the guy who helps him manage the camp go through them all and pick 21.

Petr also had his sports psychologist come one of the days and talk to the boys about the mental side of it. And they had the reporters there at the camp, and they interviewed the boys as they came off the ice after they were done one day, like what happens to professional players. I think that was probably really cool for them. They had some quotes from the goalies at the camp, they said Petr was really nice to them, and treated them really with respect, not like he is so much better than them. One of the boys said he couldn’t believe how nice he treated them. Petr said there is a lot of pressure to exland the camp so more goalies can come, but he isn’t sure yet and they will see for next year. He said he wouldn’t want more boys at one camp, because then it wouldn’t be the type of teaching he wants, but he would maybe think about a second camp instead of just one.

So that’s most of the main stuff from the article.