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Storm Advisory 7/4/19: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

One goalie is glad to be back, another bids farewell, and the Canes and Checkers are making an impact on and off the ice.

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Jamie Kellner

Yesterday’s News Today

  • By The Numbers: Exploring Carolina’s Future Cap Situation
  • Yesterday Canes Country “Czech correspondent” Flyingnnmybroomstick posted an excellent summary of an interview Petr Mrazek gave Czech media in our Storm Advisory comments. We wanted to make sure it didn’t get missed, so we’ve included those notes at the end of this article as well. Enjoy!

Reading Assignments

  • One goaltender is excited to be back, while another makes a poignant goodbye. Wishing Scott all the best as he begins his next chapter.
  • The Portland Winterhawks are reporting Eric Fink has been hired by the Hurricanes as a scout for 2019-20. Fink will likely be replacing long-time amateur scout Bert Marshall, who retired after the draft. We’ll have more details as they become available. [Winterhawks press release]
  • If you’re traveling today, or need something to listen to as you hang out by the pool, Michael Smith and Mike Maniscalco have a new podcast for your earholes. [CanesCast]
  • The 2018-19 season was pretty great for the Canes, not only on the ice, but also making a tangible impact for hockey in North Carolina. [Athletic $]
  • “It’s always fun to talk to people who are passionate about their jobs, so this was an really enjoyable piece to write. You can talk to people like Tera Black, Derek Wilkinson, and Zack Stortini and immediately see how invested they are.” GREAT read from AHL expert Patrick Williams about how the Charlotte Checkers get it done off the ice. [Elite Prospects]
  • Checking in on the latest from free agency, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • St. Louis native Chris Butler encourages players to dream big in letter announcing his retirement from the Blues. []
  • That which has been seen cannot be unseen. The REAL reason the Panthers hired Joel Quenneville. [] [twitter]
  • Finally, Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your holiday, and remember to be safe out there!

Notes From Petr Mrazek Czech Interview

Hi guys, there is a new Czech interview with Petr about his new contract with the Canes, so I will put the main stuff here.

1. He is very happy to be back, he and his girlfriend feel like Carolina is home in America and he never wanted to leave. He said the whole time during the negotiating his main goal was to stay with the Canes.

2. They asked if he would have taken more money to go somewhere else and Petr said he only would have thought about it if it was a lot more, and even if that happened, he would have come back to the Canes first and told them what he was offered and would have said “let’s try to work this out” and he wouldn’t have just signed with the other team. He really wants to be a Cane.

3. The main other team that was wanting Petr was Edmonton. That was the other team that the contract talking got really serious for. But the whole time his main goal was stay with the Canes.

4. Petr said he thanks his girlfriend for being so patient with him during the last few weeks. He said there were a lot of times when he was thinking about the sit and not really talking too much to her, but he tried not to annoy her too much.

5. Petr is disappointed Mike Bales won’t be back, he said he is a great goalie coach.

6. He will miss Mac a lot. Petr said Mac is the best goalie partner he ever had. He said he really, really will miss him, but he has heard only good things about Reimer too.

7. He said the coach Brindamour told Petr during the contract talks that he really wanted him back to be the number one goalie. Petr said he has pretty much been told by everyone that he starts the season as number one but he knows he always has to keep earning that.

8. He is excited to talk to his sports psychologist again now that this is all done and set new goals for this season and ways he can work to meet those goals. He said he couldn’t say enough how much of a change this has made for him, and how he thinks totally different now than before.

9. He said the offer sheet to Aho made him laugh because he knew there was no way the Canes would not match and he could not imagine the team without Aho. Petr talked to the owner Dundon the same day as the offer sheet and said there was never any doubt from anyone it would be matched.

10. Petr loves the Canes fans. He said they gave the team energy all season, and it made him and all the other players want to be better, to give the fans more. He said the crowds at the games later in the season and the playoffs helped them make it how far they did.

I think that is all the main stuff. The biggest thing overall was that Petr really wants to be on the Canes. He said he loves his teammates, the city, the fans. He never planned to leave.

- Flyingonmybroomstick