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Storm Advisory 8/24/2019: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

Canes at the ballpark, PNC arena updates, and sour grapes over Chase Priskie?


Twitter Roundup:

It’s late August, which means the kids are headed back to school, training camp is on the horizon, and Canes yard signs are about to sprout up around town.

Last night was “Bunch of Jerks” night at the DBAP. Don Waddell, Haydn Fleury, and Jaccob Slavin each spent some time either hitting or pitching, and John Forslund was happy to provide a little pre-season play-by-play.

Over at PNC Arena, the logo is now in place atop the new video board:

And sorry, Blue Jackets, you aren’t the only ones carrying the flag these days.

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