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Storm Advisory 8/27/2019: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

International Dog Day, the trend away from workhorse NHL goalies, and the 2020 NHL All-Star logo is revealed.

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Twitter Roundup:

The first two are for the dog lovers out there:

What better way to welcome a new baby to the world than...Gritty?

The Justice Department approved the purchase of the FOX RSNs by Sinclair:

Reading Assignments

  • Did the 2005 NHL lockout help make the 2003 Draft class great? [The Hockey Writers]
  • The workhorse goalie is disappearing from the NHL. [TSN]
  • Mikko Rantanen is skating with a Norwegian team as he awaits a new deal with the Avalanche. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Oilers’ McDavid says he’s making progress but questions remain. [SportsNet]
  • 2020 NHL All-Star logo revealed. [NHL]
  • A real deep dive into the status of the CBA negotiations, with a couple of important deadlines looming over the next few weeks. [The Athletic ($)]