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Storm Advisory 8/7/2019: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

Don Waddell interviews with the Wild, the Slavins officially announced their daughter’s name, and Mitch Marner has received a hefty offer from Toronto.

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Jamie Kellner

Yesterday’s News Today:

Reading Assignments

  • Don Waddell is flirting with the Minnesota Wild. [N&O]
  • State of the Canes: What is going on with the Don Waddell situation? [The Athletic $]
  • The original report that sparked all the Waddell talk. [The Athletic $]
  • Yesterday was the Hurricanes’ day in the spotlight on NHL dot com. First up: The Hurricanes are under pressure to repeat their 2018-19 success. [NHL]
  • Three major questions facing the Hurricanes in the upcoming season. [NHL]
  • The Slavin family officially finalized their daughter’s adoption and announced her name yesterday:
  • Jake Bean is a prospect to watch according to the NHL:
  • NBC released its TV schedule for the 2019-20 season and despite their playoff run, the Hurricanes are still getting their customary one game. On the bright side that means more John and Tripp! [NBC Sports]
  • The 10 most intriguing games on NBC this year. [Yahoo Sports]
  • It’s being reported that Toronto has offered Mitch Marner somewhere between $9-$11 million. [TSN]
  • NHL coaches are risk-averse. What will it take to change that?[The Athletic $]