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Storm Advisory 9/25/19: NHL News, Links and Daily Roundup

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Reactions to the Justin Faulk trade, more training camp cuts, and Auston Matthews wyd???

Jamie Kellner

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Reading Assignments

  • Then makes an appearance at his new home:
  • And it didn’t take long for the fans in St. Louis to get on board.
  • We’ll have more coverage on Joel Edmundson and Dominik Bokk shortly, but for now, we have a jersey number.
  • Auston Matthews faces disorderly conduct charges in Arizona after an incident in May. [Sportsnet]
  • Brock Boeser went head first into the boards on Monday, but was able to stay in the game. Come Tuesday, he was in concussion protocol. [Vancouver Courier]
  • ESPN has released its 2019-20 NHL Watchability Ratings. Tom Dundon will be pleased. [ESPN]
  • Connor McDavid made his return after a lengthy knee rehab this summer. The center suffered a PCL injury late in the 2018-2019 season. [Edmonton Sun]
  • Coming into the season there are many coaches and GMs that are on the hot seat as organization become increasingly impatient. [CBC]
  • Yesterday marked Gritty’s first birthday. In just a short 365 day span he went from a joke to everyone’s favorite gif factory. [ESPN]
  • League-wide preseason roundup from all of last night’s action as more teams inch closer to their starting night lineups. [NHL]
  • Finally, something really cool happening in our back yard. Mark it down as one of the most unique hockey promotions in recent history.