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Storm Advisory 9/5/2019: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

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New faces at media day, new deals for Clayton Keller and Roland McKeown, and a new jumbotron.

Jamie Kellner

Here We Go Again

We’re on hurricane watch mode here in Raleigh, and we know that many of our readers are down near the coast and are going to take a real wallop from Hurricane Dorian here in the next few days. As always, you are in our thoughts, and if there’s anything we can help you with, please post in the comments or shoot an email to sbncanescountry at gmail dot com. We’re a family here, and we’ll be here for each other to get through the storm. Fortunately, it seems like Dorian won’t linger the way Florence did last year, and hopefully everyone who’s a part of our community comes out of this storm in good shape. Take care, and stay safe! -Brian

Reading Assignments

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  • Popular NHL streamer Nasher has signed a deal with Bauer hockey, making major strides in e-sports:
  • Patrick Marleau will not return to the Sharks this season. (So where will he go? And don’t say Carolina.) [NHL]
  • Reports from the Athletic say Pierre McGuire has been removed from NBC’s top broadcast team. [NESN]
  • Adrian Kempe and the LA Kings have agreed to a contract extension. [Fox Sports]
  • Tim Thomas has re-emerged after being out of the public eye for awhile, following his selection to the US Hockey Hall of Fame. [ESPN]
  • The Arizona Coyotes and Clayton Keller have come to terms on a eight-year contract extension. [Arizona Sports]
  • What team should take a chance on Andrei Markov now that he wants to return to the NHL? [Pro Hockey Talk]