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Storm Advisory 9/6/2019: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

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Life after Williams, a look at the 2020 RFA class, and CBA talks.

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Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • What’s next for Carolina with Justin Williams absent? (Canes Country)
  • The 2019 NHL RFA crisis is nowhere near over, but that shouldn’t stop us from looking at the 2020 NHL RFA crisis. (ESPN)
  • Takeaways from what was an upbeat Canes media day. (The Athletic $)
  • NHL labor peace? In this economy?!?! (The Athletic $)
  • The complicated story of hockey in Puerto Rico. (The Hockey News)
  • Carolina Hurricanes legend Patrick Marleau won’t find himself back in San Jose after all...
  • Hurricane clouds loomed over PNC Arena on Thursday.
  • Hello, Svech.