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Storm Advisory 9/9/2019: NHL News, Links, and Daily Roundup

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A record crowd for the Canes 5k, it’s officially Goalie Mask Season, and Jamaican Hockey captures their first trophy.

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Carolina Hurricanes Host Canes 5k
Canes 5k

Reading Assignments

  • The Canes 5k took place yesterday with a massive turnout.
  • Petr Mrazek has his mask for the upcoming season and it’s a beauty:
  • The Canes prospects had a better showing against the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday, earning a 7-4 win. They were led by a five point game by Ryan Suzuki. The Canes have the day off today before playing their final game against the Nashville Predators on Tuesday. []
  • Jamaica has an ice hockey team, and one day they hope to compete in the Olympics. This weekend they earned their first trophy, beating Colombia in the LATAM championship. [NHL]
  • Before the season starts The Athletic runs a preview series. They look at one team each day and it goes in reverse order of the projected standings. (For what it’s worth, they have already posted projections for the Rangers, Blue Jackets and Islanders in the Metro, and the Canes haven't come up yet - which is good!) Today is the Montreal Canadiens at #19. The projections are all great reads and a good way to start the morning. [$TheAthletic]
  • Five imports that can make an impact in the NHL for the 2019-2020 season. [The Hockey News]