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Storm Advisory 1/25/20: NHL News, Links and Daily Roundup

Jaccob Slavin wins the accuracy competition heading into the All-Star Game tomorrow afternoon.

2020 NHL All-Star Skills Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Skills Competition:

Connor McDavid lost his title as the fastest skater to Mathew Barzal. Barzal may be leading the league in negative relative corsi — but he can sure fly.

Jordan Binnington won the save streak but the highlight was against Tomas Hertl and his Justin Bieber mask. Biebs vs Binns hasn’t been settled yet.

Jaccob Slavin won the mid season Defensive Defenseman award, he also won the accuracy shooting competition last night. NO BIG DEAL.

The women’s three-on-three game was probably the highlight of the night, except Canada won the game 2-1. This will hopefully be a mainstay for seasons to come.

For a minute there was some competition at the hardest shot until Shea Weber came in and demolished the competition.

Shooting Stars was fun, hopefully to return in the future with some tweaks to the competition. There are ways that it can improve, but this was one of the first times that the NHL truly had fun with the audience and innovation.

Reading Assignments

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  • We are so lucky to have John Forslund, the N&O’s Tar Heel of the Month, calling Canes games. He educates fans new and old on the game of hockey. [News & Observer]