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Seth Jarvis: ‘I’m super pumped to be a part of Carolina’

With the 13th overall pick, the Carolina Hurricanes selected Portland Winterhawk’s Seth Jarvis.

Portland Winterhawks v Seattle Thunderbirds Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

With the 13th overall pick, the Carolina Hurricanes selected center Seth Jarvis from the Western Hockey League’s Portland Winterhawks.

The 5-10, Winnipeg native scored 98 points in 58 games this season, and is touted as a high energy forward with comparables to players like Brayden Point.

Jarvis spoke to the media via Zoom after he was selected.

On what this moment was like: This moment is hard to describe. It’s something that I’ve dreamed for since I started playing hockey. It’s been a goal of mine for a really long time. I’m super pumped to be a part of Carolina. They’re a great organization and I just can’t wait to get started.

On how he feels he can slot into the young core: There’s some unreal players there like Aho and Svechnikov. I’ve been able to skate with Morgan Geekie here in Winnipeg so I’ve gotten a taste of what Carolina hockey is like and some of their players and gotten to build some sort of relationship. I’m so pumped and can’t wait to see how good they really are and get out on the ice with them.

On comparables like Brayden Point: That’s a guy that I really try to model my game after. He’s someone that I take a lot of parts of my game from. He’s a smaller body player that can make a big impact on a team and on a game. He can impact it not just in the offensive zone, but the defensive zone too. He doesn’t let physicality deter him. So those are all attributes that I really try to put into my game and definitely someone I want to model my game after.

On if he had any idea that Carolina would take him: Not really. It kind of came as a surprise. I definitely didn’t really think it was going to happen, but I’m over the moon it did. This is a moment that I’ll never forget and I’m definitely happy to be part of such a good organization.

On potentially playing for Rod Brind’Amour: He’s awesome. You see all those pictures of him and how in shape he is and how he was back when he played and you hear all these stories about him. Just being able to talk with him briefly, it was awesome. I can tell he likes to bring a lot of energy and that’s something that I love and feed off of. He’s someone I’m gonna be really drawn to and someone I can learn a lot from.

On playing with guys he’s already familiar with like Stelio Mattheos and Morgan Geekie: It’s going to be awesome. A little bit of familiarity and being able to know a couple guys and having relationships built is going to make the transition a little bit easier just going into training camp and things like that. Having a few guys and friendly faces is going to be awesome. Those are two guys I’ve been able to skate with and build a relationship with so it’s great.

On who he’s celebrating with in Winnipeg: With my family. My parents and my brother. And also my grandparents and my uncle. They’ve all been big parts of my life so they are all deservingly here.

On what the day was like: I woke up to a few interviews that I had to bang out. To take my mind off of it, I went to the gym to clear my head. Then I came back and looked through the hats and thought about which one I looked best in maybe, and then just got ready for the draft. Waited for this opportunity and when I heard my name called, it was pure excitement.

On one thing for Canes fans to know about him: The level of commitment and energy I’m going to bring to this organization. I think that’s something you can do without skill and just bringing good positive energy and being committed. Those are two things Canes fans can expect from me.

On what he is going to do with the other 30 hats: I’m sure a few of my buddies might like them. I think they have a few favorite teams, but other than that I don’t know. Maybe keep them as a little bit of motivation, I don’t know what, but I’ll put them to good use I’m sure.

On hearing from the Canes fan base: I haven’t had quite enough time to check. I’ve had a few comments on my Instagram welcoming me just with open arms. I don’t know if any players reached out, but I’ve definitely seen a few comments from the Canes nation.

On growing up a Duke fan: There’s a few people in my family that are big Blue Devils fans. I’m just a big fan of college basketball, and that’s probably where they are most dominant. In the NCAA Tournament. Growing up, just kind of always seeing them win, and I think when you are young you like the teams that are winning, and Duke was definitely doing that. I’ve just stuck by them and I’m a big Blue Devils fan.

On knowing anything else about North Carolina: No. I had a few people here telling me they have great golf courses there. I’m a golfer so that’ll be interesting, but other than that, I’m just excited to get down there and check it out myself.

On what was the biggest growth in his game to get him to this point: A lot of it didn’t come on the ice. It came from my head. Mentally, I just played with a lot more confidence. I knew what I could do on the ice and knew what I had to do to make the team successful. Just playing with confidence really elevated my game. I just wasn’t afraid to go out there or make mistakes and I was open to try some new things. When you start getting successful with it, momentum follows. You start riding that wave of momentum and good things start to happen.

On what his favorite Storm Surge was: I liked the one with the boxer. When they fought at center ice, that was pretty funny. That was a good one. And I saw a couple were they were bowling pins and stuff like that, but they definitely looked fun and are something I’d definitely be into.