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Upcoming Forecast: Carolina Hurricanes Prospect Roundup - Week of November 16-22

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While the NHL may not be seeing much action, hockey is still being played and the Canes have plenty of prospects in action.

COLLEGE HOCKEY: JAN 11 Penn State at Robert Morris Photo by Michael Longo/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the NHL still in “will they even return?” limbo, it’s time to turn our focus to where hockey is being played.

The Hurricanes currently have a large amount of prospects playing in both North America and Europe and with the myriad of leagues they are in, I felt it might be easier to do a weekly roundup of all the ones in action.

I will be trying to keep this routine every week, with stats being pulled from the different leagues’ official websites for Monday to Sunday of that week.

I will provide comments on some players, but not all, and this can range from passing comments or trends to analysis if I end up catching a game live.

Stat Key - [TOI - Time on ice / G - Goal / A - Assist / SOG - Shots on Goal]


Brynas IF (Noel Gunler)

On his second week with his new team, Gunler has been getting steady time. He gets steady power-play time on the top unit, and while not the engine for it, he shows a lot of poise in his skating and stickhandling to create plays when the puck finds its way to him. Saturday saw his first goal with his new team.

  • 11/19: 3-1 L

Third line; 16:59 TOI; 3 SOG

  • 11/21: 7-1 W

Third line; 14:42 TOI; 1G; 5 SOG

Djurgardens IF (Dominik Bokk)

Not too sure why Bokk hasn’t been getting time with Djurgardens, but hopefully we can see a turn around with the trend. Hopefully the goal on Saturday can help boost his stock a little.

  • 11/16: 3-2 OTW

Didn’t Play

  • 11/19: 3-1 L

Third line; 7:23 TOI; 1 Hit

  • 11/21: 3-2 W

Fourth line; 9:34 TOI; 1G; 5 SOG

Frolunda HC (Jesper Sellgren)

Sellgren is one of the Hurricanes’ most developed prospects and it shows on the ice as he is one of Frolunda’s most relied on defenders as the team’s leader in average ice time on the top pair.

  • 11/16: 4-0 L

First pair; 21:10 TOI; 1 SOG; 1 Hit; -2

  • 11/19: 4-1 W

First pair; 22:30 TOI; 3 SOG; 1 Hit; +1

  • 11/21: 7-1 L

First pair; 19:57 TOI; 1 SOG

Vaxjo Lakers (Jack Drury)

After leaving Harvard, Drury has made a smooth transition to the SHL, settling into a top role with the Lakers.

  • 11/19: 3-1 W

Second line; 20:00 TOI; 3 SOG; 53.33% FO

  • 11/21: 3-2 L

Second line; 19:27 TOI; 1G; 3 SOG; 56.5% FO

HV71 (Zion Nybeck)

HV71 played its first game in weeks on Saturday and Nybeck was listed as unavailable for the match.

  • 11/21: 3-2 L

Listed as unavailable for match


Assat (Lenni Killinen)

Injured since preseason Sept. 10; estimated three months out

Ilves (Eetu Makiniemi)

Makiniemi has been struggling to find ice time with Ilves having an emerging young Czech star in Lukas Dostal, who won the Liiga Goaltender of the Year award last season at 19. Getting the two games in this week was good for him, though his second game was considerably weaker, granted he still came away with the win though.

  • 11/18: 6-1 W

31 Saves; 96.88%; 1 GA

  • 11/20: 7-5 W

22 Saves; 81.48%; 5 GA

JYP (Patrik Puistola; Antonni Honka)

  • 11/18: 2-1 SOL

Honka: First pair; 19:05 TOI; 1 Shots; +/-

Puistola: Third line; 9:17 TOI; 3 Shots

  • 11/20: 7-5 L

Honka: First pair; 16:40 TOI; 5 Shots; -1

Puistola: Third line; 16:07 TOI; 3 Shots

  • 11/21: 6-1 L

Honka: First pair; 19:39 TOI; 3 Shots; -3

Puistola: Third line; 15:34 TOI; 2 Shots


JoKP (Villa Rasanen)

No Games Played

U20 SM-Sarja

Karpat (Tuukka Tieksola)

  • 11/20: 4-1 W

Second line; 16:46 TOI; 2 Shots

  • 11/21: 4-2 W

Third line; 14:43 TOI; 2A; 2 Shots


Avangard Omsk (Oliver Kaski)

Although it seems likely that Kaski may not return back to the Canes’ organization, it is still worth tracking him for the time being.

  • 11/17: 3-2 W

14:37 TOI; 3 SOG; 1 Block; +/-

  • 11/19: 5-2 W

13:22 TOI; 1A; 2 SOG; 2 Hits; +1

Jokerit (Saku Maenalanen)

It’s the same case as Kaski, except Maenalanen played overseas all last season too, making it seem even more likely that he won’t be returning, but oh well.

  • 11/16: 3-1 L

12:04 TOI; 1 Hit; -2

  • 11/19: 4-1 W

17:28 TOI; 1 Hit; 1 Block; 5/10 FO

  • 11/21 TOI: 3-0 W

11:21 TOI; 4/4 FO

Spartak Moscow (Alexander Nikishin)

What has become apparent with Alexander “Boom” Nikishin, is that he is apparently a fan of the offensive zone. He has been playing top minutes in the KHL after being called up from the MHL and seems to be flourishing well.

  • 11/16: 3-1 W

16:01 TOI; 1 SOG; 2 Hits; 1 Block; +1

  • 11/18: 4-3 OTW

19:51 TOI; 2A; 3 SOG; 2 Blocks; +1

  • 11/20: 2-1 SOL

19:30 TOI; 1 SOG; 2 Hits; -1; 2 Blocks

  • 11/22: 5-2 L

6:21 TOI; 1 SOG; 1 Hit; 1 Block

Vityaz Podolsk (Pyotr Kochetkov)

Another case of a Hurricanes netminder not getting playing time, Kochetkov hasn’t been able to find time in the KHL and in his few appearances, it hasn’t been grand. This week was another barren one for him.

  • No Games Played


Buran Voronezh (Kirill Slepets)

Slepets is apparently injured as far as I can tell and hasn’t played in a game since Oct. 31.

No Games Played


Tulpar Ufa (Alexander Pashin)

Despite not receiving an invitation to Russia’s WJC camp, Pashin is proving to be a capable player as he currently sits at tenth overall in points for the MHL with 25.

  • 11/17: 8-1 W

First line; 16:16 TOI; 3 SOG

  • 11/18: 3-2 W

First line; 20:06 TOI; 3 SOG

  • 11/21: 2-1 W

First line; 19:28 TOI; 2A; 2 SOG; 1 Hit; 1 Block

  • 11/22: 4-2 W

First line; 15:14 TOI; 5 SOG; 1 Hit; 2 Blocks


Penn State (Kevin Wall)

Penn State may have lost three straight games, but Wall scored in all three contests and it’s hard to argue with a goal-per-game pace. Wall seems to generate quite a few breakaways with his speed and it will be interesting to keep watch of that.

  • 11/19: 4-1 L

Second line; 1G; 3 Shots

  • 11/20: 3-2 L

Second line; 1G; 8 Shots

University of Minnesota (Jack LaFontaine)

LaFontaine followed up a productive end to last season with a great start to this one, putting up two strong performances against Penn State.

  • 11/19: 4-1 W

26 saves; 1 GA; 0.963%

  • 11/20: 3-2 W

34 saves; 2 GA; 0.944%

Boston University (Domenick Fensore; Cade Webber)

  • No Games Played

American International College (Jacob Kucharski)

  • No Games Played


Des Moines Buccaneers (Lucas Mercuri)

  • 11/21: 4-3 W

Second line; 2A


Shawinigan Cataractes (Vasiliy Ponomarev)

At his current rate, Ponomarev is proving to be a stellar pick as he is steadily producing at both ends of the ice in the Q. He was invited to Russia’s WJC camp, which he will attend in December.

  • 11/17: 4-2 L

2 Shots; 2 Hits; 11/22 FO

  • 11/20: 3-2 OTL

1G; 1A; 3 Shots; 3 Hits; 16/29 FO

  • 11/21: 5-4 L

1G; 2 Shots; 15/25 FO

Canada- WJC Selection Camp

Team Red (Jamieson Rees; Ryan Suzuki)

The Canes had three prospects invited to Canada’s WJC selection camp and it’s been promising so far to see all three getting on the scoresheet in the first two scrimmages despite being on the bottom half of the lines.

  • 11/21: 4-2 L

Rees: Second line

Suzuki: Third line; 1A

  • 11/22: 6-3 L

Rees: Third line; 2G

Suzuki: Third line; 1A

Team White (Seth Jarvis)

  • 11/21: 4-2 W

Third line

  • 11/22: 6-3 W

Third line; 1G


Sudbury Wolves (Blake Murray)

No Games Played


Everett Silvertips (Ronan Seeley)

No Games Played


Coquitlam Express (Massimo Rizzo)

No Games Played