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Storm Advisory 12/4/20: NHL News, Daily Links, and Roundup

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Gary Bettman weighs in on a new season, ranking every NHL General Manager and could outdoor hockey games become a normal thing in 2021?

Falcon Stadium, Air Force, NHL, Photo by Hyoung Chang/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

This Week’s News

Reading Assignments

  • Happy belated birthday to the newest Hurricane!
  • Gary Bettman weighs in on whether or not the NHL is still targeting January 1st as a start date:
  • Multiple NHL teams are exploring hosting outdoor games this season in an effort to allow fan attendance. While some just want to rent the NHL’s equipment, Tom Dundon has his eye on something even bigger. [The Athletic $]
  • Here is a free version of the above article about the potential for outdoor games. While some of the details are left out you can get most of the pertinent stuff from here. [ESPN]
  • Ranking al 31 NHL General Manager’s. Is Don Waddell too low, too high, or just right? [NBC Sports]
  • According to Gary Bettman, the NHL is not trying to back out of the newly signed CBA. [ESPN]
  • Many of the players feel differently than what Bettman is trying to sell, and the Flyers’ James van Riemsdyk is one of them. [Philly Inquirer]
  • The AHL has selected Genius Sports Group as exclusive official data & streaming partner for betting. [Yahoo]