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Storm Advisory 2/8/2020: NHL News, Links and Daily Roundup

Possible trades for contenders, Elvis continues to impress and Parise hits a major milestone.

Carolina Hurricanes v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Yesterday’s News Today

Reading Assignments

  • The Checkers absolutely dominated the Hartford Wolf Pack last night. [Checkers]
  • Six possible trades that could help contenders. [ESPN]
  • Alex Ovechkin has so much memorabilia that his wife tells him to stop. [RMNB]
  • There’s a lot of interesting races to watch as the season heads down the stretch, from divisional seeding to the Rocket Richard. [CBS Sports]
  • Everything continues to remain up in the air regarding the NHL going to the Beijing Olympics. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Elvis continues to impress:
  • Zach Parise hits a major milestone:
  • Sure, it’s sponsored, but still pretty cool: