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Storm Advisory 3/16/20: NHL News, Links and Daily Roundup

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Has it really been five days without hockey (and basically any sports) already?

Jamie Kellner

Reading Assignments

  • From Sportsnet: “The NHL has issued a new directive to players allowing them to go home, to any country, but they must stay in self-quarantine until the end of March once they arrive.” [Sportsnet]
  • After initialing avoiding the question, Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon say the team will “do something” to assist the part-time employees at PNC Arena. [N&O]
  • John Forslund joined NHL Tonight to discuss how he found out the league was taking a pause. [NHL]
  • Zack Brame, the other Hurricanes employee in quarantine, is asking for your suggestions:
  • Eric Tulsky has a follow up to his initial postings from Friday:
  • The ECHL has canceled the remainder of its season. [ECHL]
  • Looking back, the speed with which the coronavirus ground the sports world to a halt is remarkable. [Washington Post]
  • NHL players are being told to remain in the cities where they play, but why? [Sportnet]
  • How will NHL players stay ready during the pause? Take a look at the “apocalypse workout kit”. [TSN]
  • Inside the NHL’s conference call with GM’s and what to expect next. [The Athletic $]
  • A current update on where the NHL stands:
  • Could this be the format for a potential NHL return? Leave us a comment on how you feel the league should handle any potential return:
  • Lastly, if this is any indication we may not see hockey until at least the middle of May: