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Introducing new staff writer Ryan Henkel

Hello there! My name is Ryan Henkel and I am the newest addition to the Canes Country team. I bring with me over a year’s worth of live coverage experience for the Carolina Hurricanes as a credentialed reporter.

Canes Country contributor: Ryan Henkel
Emma Shepard

I recently graduated in the 2020 class from NC State, graduating Summa Cum Laude and with a Bachelor of the Arts in History and a minor in Creative Writing.

During my time at State, I also worked for Technician, the student-run news organization, as the beat writer for the NC State Icepack (the men’s club ice hockey team) and covering the Carolina Hurricanes for the 2019-20 season. I worked every home game for the shortened season, covered the entry draft and trade deadline, and even reported the 2018 playoff sweep of the New York Islanders (thanks Andrew). You can check out my collection of work here.

My specialty is live coverage, but I also enjoy writing analyses, historical look backs and dissecting trade trees. Bringing a bit of humor or entertainment to my pieces is also something I strive for.

I love reading pieces that bring to light some aspect of the game that I had never thought about or the deep insider dives that uncover a whole mound of information and I aim to one day bring out that same level of journalism in my own work.

Growing up fairly close to Raleigh, I’ve been following the Canes for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories involving the Canes were a game against the Ottawa Senators in a year I can’t even pinpoint, but I sure do remember seeing the jerseys up in section 311, and playing NHL Hitz Pro all the time with my father (and nobody is going to convince me that it isn’t the best sport game of all time either). My family also used to be season ticket holders from 2009-2013 and I was lucky enough to attend the 2011 All Star game and skills competition in Raleigh.

It wasn’t till last year though, that I got to experience playoff hockey in Raleigh and even just when the team clinched against the New Jersey Devils, the sheer volume and jubilation in the arena was enough, I feel, to give anyone chills.

Outside of hockey, I also enjoy cooking (my beef kebabs are currently my favorite dish to make), gaming (Pokemon and Fire Emblem are my two biggest guilty pleasures) and reading works from ancient history (the Iliad is my favorite book).

I’m excited to get back into writing and I hope you all will enjoy the content I put out. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @RyanHenkel_.