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Reimer, Teravainen on game two win, game three prep

The Canes’ goalie and forward spoke to the media via Zoom Friday morning.

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Two Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images

Teuvo Teravainen and James Reimer both played huge roles in the Canes’ 3-2 win in game two over the Boston Bruins, with Teravainen scoring a game-tying goal on a second-period power play and Reimer making 33 saves to secure the victory.

Both players spoke to the media via Zoom Friday about their series-tying win and preparations for game three Saturday at noon.

James Reimer

On Tuukka Rask’s comments about things not feeling like a playoff game: I think everybody has different opinions and feels different things. So everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But for us, we’re grinding. I think we’re coming together as a team, and we’re playing with a lot of passion, a lot of emotion right now. It feels like we’re in a fight. So it’s fun if you’re battling with these guys.

On the dynamic with himself and Petr Mrazek: It’s good. I think both of us want to win and want to play, but most importantly, you play for the team. Obviously that’s true in the regular season and even more so in the playoffs. All you want to do is win a cup and do what you can to help the team out. So when he’s going, I’m his biggest fan. You’re doing whatever you can to help him out, stay positive, same thing the other way around. It helps that obviously he’s a great guy and he makes it easy to root for him, so we’re just trying to support each other and win some games.

On the final seconds of game two: I think you’re toeing that line between staying in control and playing with composure, yet having enough freedom in your game to throw some limbs around and just try and get something in front of the puck. Obviously it’s a mad scramble at the end of the game, so you’re just trying to get your body in front of the puck as much as possible, and these guys battle hard, they were clearing sticks and clearing pucks. So we’re just a 20-man unit. Everyone’s pulling on the rope and doing their job, and at the end of the game it’s just a war to get to the finish line.

On Haydn Fleury: Fleury’s been great. Our D corps, I think it speaks for itself, it’s probably one of the best in the league. You can really trust them. I think Fleury really fits into that. He’s responsible with the puck, he’s a good skater, he’s a big body. Anytime as a defenseman that you can have a big body, still move and still skate, it’s huge. So he’s been super dependable these whole playoffs. He’s made great plays, big hits, big blocks. He’s just been in the right place. So I’m really happy for him for the way he’s been playing.

Teuvo Teravainen

On himself, Aho and Svechnikov: Anyone who can score, it’s fun, but of course we need our line or top guys to score and be confident out there. That’s pretty big for us. But we have a lot of guys who can score, so whoever feels good about their game and scores, it’s big for us.

On approaching early games differently: Of course. You have to prepare a little differently before the game. You try to sleep well and wake up early, try to get your body right away. It’s a little different, but if you prepare it’s going to be fine.

On getting to the team’s game in game two: I feel like whenever we get in our game, get the pucks deep and get the forecheck going, we’re playing our best and I think we started to do that a little more last game. It was good playing that way. It brought a lot of trouble for the other team and whenever we do that, I feel like we’re pretty dangerous.