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Brind’Amour on Game 3 loss, Svechnikov injury

“It certainly didn’t look good. That’s all that’s going through my head.”

Boston Bruins v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Three Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Comments from Carolina Hurricanes head coach Rod Brind’Amour following the Hurricanes’ 3-1 loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 3 of their first-round series (BOS leads series 2-1):

On Andrei Svechnikov’s injury: I don’t have an update. I know he’s getting looked at right now. It didn’t look very good, obviously. He fell really awkwardly. It certainly didn’t look good. Hopefully we’ll know more at some point. I don’t have anything to report.

On his opinion of the team’s play in Game 3: We had a good start. The first period was fine. I thought we deserved better; we have a couple good looks, some posts, and one that was real close to being in if not in that you can’t see it go in. It was right there for us. And the, we just let off the gas a little, and that team’s too good. If you give them an inch, they’re taking a mile. And then they got their game going, and we never got to our game the rest of our game. It was a miracle that we were still in it by a goal there at the end.

On what the Bruins do to frustrate the Hurricanes: They’re good. They’re going to make it hard all over the ice, and it’s nothing different – when we’re good, when we’re on our game, we’re good, and we make it hard for other teams. We saw it in this game. The first period was fine. We’ve had moments, but in this game we need everyone on board, and we had some guys that weren’t very good today.

On how to get back on track for Game 4: How do you do it? It’s always about the next game. It’s always about tomorrow, if you have one. We definitely still have time. Right now it’s tough because you see a kid go down, and that injury looks really bad. That’s all that’s going through my head. I hate it for him. That’s it. I can’t comment on anything else, to be honest with you.

On the power play struggles: You wouldn’t have enough time (to detail them all). We were just sluggish. We actually had a good one in the first period, where we hit the post. Our entries haven’t been crisp enough. Again, you’re facing one of the best teams for a reason, and if you’re not sharp it’s going to look like that. The power play today kind of epitomized our game. We were sluggish, not first to anything, not quite doing everything right. You add all those things up, and like I said, it’s lucky that we were hanging around at the end of the game.