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Williams, Martinook on the loss and regrouping

Forwards Justin Williams and Jordan Martinook spoke to the media via Zoom following Game 4’s loss on regrouping and digging in.

Boston Bruins v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Four Photo by Mark Blinch/NHLI via Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes gave up four-unanswered goals in the third period of Game 4 to fall into a 3-1 series hole.

The third period was tragically awful as the Hurricanes were not only outscored four goals to one, but also outshot 16-2.

Forwards Justin Williams and Jordan Martinook spoke to the media after the game.

Justin Williams

On what happened in the third period: It was quite frankly as ugly as a period that I’ve seen us play. You have to take ownership of it and I certainly take ownership of that third goal. Being in the league as long as I have, you can’t turn the puck over at that juncture, especially when you haven’t had a shot all period . Ended up with a breakaway the other way and I have to take ownership of that. Really the whole period wasn’t what we’re accustomed to and we got it handed to us.

On regrouping: All you say is they have to win four. Right now, we don’t have any leeway. We don’t have any fallback options. We have to go, go, go. When your backs are up against the wall, that’s when you learn what you’re all about. We’ve got to raise to it, and obviously it’s going to be tough, but it ain’t over and we’re going to give it our best.

On the mentality during the second-intermission: Listen, we’ve had leads. Plenty of leads. But the message was ‘Go after it. Get the next one.’ That’s what it always is with our team. Mentally, the sharpness wasn’t there from everybody. It snowballed into something we didn’t want and we couldn’t catch it in time. That’s on myself and everybody to slow it down and do the right thing and we couldn’t get it done.

Jordan Martinook

On getting outshot in the third: It’s just too many turnovers. We got away from it. We weren’t sharp with it all game, but we were getting by. We were okay and going into the third period with a two-goal lead, we think that it’s just gonna be easy (Williams: Nah). Especially against a team like that. They don’t give you much and when you turn it over, you saw what happens. It’s just us being mentally sharp and resilient enough to play… it’s not a dirty game, it’s just a game you need to play in this situation. We’re not gonna run-and-gun with this team. We know the way we need to play and clearly that wasn’t it in the third period.

On losing Jordan Staal: Obviously, you never want to see that happen. He’s a huge part of our team, but it was going the wrong way before [Staal] got hurt. That whole period, we just didn’t have… I don’t know. We’re just a broken record right now. The mindset wasn’t there. It’s the playoffs. You know they’re gonna come. You know how you need to do it to be successful and I don’t know. That’s on us. We need to dial everybody in during the intermission more. We need to lead the way. It wasn’t there for us.