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Trocheck, Necas on playoff intensity

The Canes’ forwards spoke to the media via Zoom about yesterday’s game, setting the tone, penalties, Matt Dumba’s speech and more.

New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Andre Ringuette/Getty Images

Vincent Trocheck has his first career postseason win. Martin Necas has played his first career postseason game, and scored his first career postseason goal.

The two forwards spoke to the media via Zoom Sunday about yesterday’s game and preparing for game two Monday afternoon.

Vincent Trocheck

On Matt Dumba’s speech yesterday: I saw it. I thought it was brave. I thought it was a good speech. I think everything he did was great and what he’s standing for is obviously a great cause. I didn’t necessarily think of kneeling, but anything I can do, I’m open to listen and do anything I can to help.

On how particular on how he is about his skates and blades: I think everybody’s pretty particular with their skates and blades. I get mine cut at half most times unless the ice is a little dull. My rocker’s set a little bit forward to have me leaning a little bit forward. But aside from that, the skate itself is just comfortability. I’ve been using Bauer skates for a long time.

On taking seven penalties and the standard for officials: I really didn’t think about it that way. I think for us, we need to stay out of the box. The majority of those were penalties. We just can’t be careless with stick penalties. That’s one thing that we want to stay away from. We can understand if you’re being physical or making plays and playing hard, and you get a penalty, those are the penalties that we’re willing to kill. The stick penalties are the ones that we really need to stay away from. If you give that team too many power plays, they’re going to score, so going forward we just have to be a little bit more careful.

On setting the tone: The first period was very physical. Willy getting in there and fighting right away was definitely a momentum change for us. I think everybody was extremely pumped up to see him go and do that in the first period of the playoffs knowing the caliber of player he is. It set the tone for us and got the momentum swing for us.

Martin Necas

On playing his first postseason game: It was a fast game, especially for me in the first period. I didn’t play the exhibition game. I didn’t play in three or four months. I touched the puck my first shift and I got hit right away. It was kind of a wakeup call. It was a good game. Everything was fast but it was a good game.