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Jordan Martinook: ‘Just trying to learn.’

The Canes forward spoke to the media via Zoom on social issues, leadership and improvements the team can make.

Boston Bruins v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Four Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Jordan Martinook had a rough go at the season, missing a large chunk at the beginning of due to having to undergo core muscle surgery.

The Carolina Hurricanes forward scored two goals and 13 points in 45 regular season games in, but had two goals and three points in the playoffs.

He spoke to the media over Zoom Thursday morning along with captain Jordan Staal.

On where he sees the NHL fitting in with the social justice movements currently happening: It’s definitely a hard situation because, and I know it’s been around for forever, but it’s really come to our attention in the past six months. I think everyone is just trying to make our way through this. Just trying to learn. Six months ago, I probably wasn’t fully aware of it. I’m sure most of us weren’t. It’s terrible the way we had to learn about it and in the way that we have. I think the NHL is probably in the same position. Obviously the NBA went the way they did and the NHL is going to have to address it. We’ll see where they take it. I have a son that I’m going to try and teach the lessons that I’m learning daily about to. It’s definitely a hard situation to gravitate around so we’re all just trying to do our best.

On leadership and Justin Williams: One of the main reasons that Willy leads so well and can control the room is because of the respect level he gets. Everybody in our room and around the league respects him so much. When he talks, everybody listens. Going forward, we have our captain, [Jordan Staal] and he kind of commands the same thing. He’s not the most vocal guy. He’s not going to come in and scream, but when he talks, everybody listens. They have that same comparison. When something needs to be said, they’ll say it and all eyes are on them.

On the unusual season: It was unique, but at the same time, everybody was going through the same thing. Nobody has done the pause and then get back going again. It was almost like you were in an offseason and then had to get back going. It was different that way because you’re not coming back to exhibition games and training camp and the feeling out part of it. Instead you’re thrown right into the middle of the fire. Throughout the entire year with everything that went on; coronavirus, what we’re dealing with now, it’s something I don’t think anyone expected. I think everyone is just trying to navigate it the best they can. We’re learning from everything and hopefully we don’t have a pandemic again that affects the hockey season and we can come back and play in front of fans and do what we do. What we love to do.

On one area the team can improve on: It’s fresh in the mind, but looking back on the Boston series, you could just see that they never got uncomfortable in a situation. I feel like we would almost try to push too hard in situations when we could have just kept doing what we were doing and have been fine. The saying is, ‘You do too much,’ and it ends up going the other way and I think that’s what ended up happening to us. Boston’s a team that we’re trying to be like. They’re kind of in the upper echelon of the league right now and that’s where we want to be. To see how they handled certain situations I think we are obviously going to learn from that. Just try to be better in those situations.

On how the odd timing of the offseason affects him: Coming out of a normal season, you’re nicked up more. Especially if you go through a full season and a playoff run, you’re definitely going to have a lot more bumps and bruises. Coming out of this, I’m healthier, so I don’t know how much time I’m going to take off. It’s a weird situation because we haven’t even figured out when we’re playing next. You don’t want to get going too soon. I’m the type of guy who kind of gets sick of working out. I just want to go play. I don’t want to get my juices going too soon, but you definitely need to keep moving. I have a 19-month old so I’m flying around after him daily. It’s just all about knowing your body and I’m old enough and have been through enough offseasons. It’s something you kind of go off of feel and once we know when we’re actually starting you can ramp it up as you need to.