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They said it: Trocheck, Svechnikov, Foegele, Brind’Amour on win over Nashville

Rod Brind’Amour, Andrei Svechnikov, Vincent Trocheck and Warren Foegele spoke to the media following a 4-1 win over Nashville.

Vincent Trocheck stretches across the blue line to try to force a turnover, Thursday, Apr. 15, 2021 in PNC Arena. The Canes won the first of two against the Nashville Predators, 4-1 in regulation.
Kaydee Gawlik

Thanks to a goal and assist apiece from Vincent Trocheck and Andrei Svechnikov and goal from Warren Foegele, the Hurricanes topped Nashville 4-1 at PNC Arena Thursday night.

Foegele, Trocheck, Svechnikov and Rod Brind’Amour spoke to the media after the win, here’s a full breakdown of everything they had to say:

Rod Brind’Amour

On bouncing back from Monday: We were better, for sure. Not a great first period, but [Petr Mrazek] made some good saves, and we had a nice goal to get a lead, not dominating the period or anything, we probably got a little fortunate there. And then we had a really good second. I thought that looked more like how we want to play. That was the difference in the game.

On the penalty kill: It was a good job on the entries. We stifled them a few times. We had some good blocks. We executed pretty well on what we wanted to do. You don’t like taking penalties, but I thought when we did, we did a nice job. That was a key part of the game as well.

On Jani Hakanpaa: [Dean Chynoweth] runs that, and he has a really good feel for the D pairs. It’s a good first game for him, new system. There’s a lot going on for a D-man, especially our D-zone coverage, there’s a lot of things he’s going to have to pick up. So I thought he did a good job. He’s a big man, gets in the way. That’s one of the things I notice right away.

On if he sensed a bounce back: You never know. You don’t how the bounces are going to go. You don’t know how the bounces are going to affect your group. There’s just so many things that you don’t really have control over a lot of times in games. But we needed that kind of effort for sure. Usually if you have that kind of effort, the chances go way up. That’s basically what happened.

On Andrei Svechnikov and if scoring tonight gets him going: You would hope so. But he’s had a lot of opportunities. Even tonight, he had a couple. One went off the post on the power play off an entry, and he was really good after the first. The first not so much, and then he got it together. He was one of the better players out there throughout the rest of that game.

Vincent Trocheck

On how important it was to get back to playing the way the team knows it can: Very. If you want to be one of the best teams in the league, you’ve got to come every single night. Laying an egg like we did in the last couple, it’s important to get back on track and make sure we’re playing our game, especially this late into the season before we head into playoffs.

On the storm surge and if he got any type of initiation to that when he joined the team last year: You’re just thrown into the fire.

On why the penalty kill was so successful: Petr [Mrazek] played phenomenal tonight. He was probably our best penalty killer. Good puck pressure. I think it’s just being able to stay on them and not giving them a chance to set up and have time. When you have good skill players like they do you can’t really give them time, and we did a good job of taking it away.

On Jani Hakanpaa: He’s a massive body out there. He plays physical. He knows his role, and he played it well tonight. He played good breakout passes. He played physical. It was a good first night for him.

Andrei Svechnikov

On if there was a lot of frustration let go for him scoring his goal: Obviously when you score a goal you feel more confident. You feel more better on your skates and on the stick. It was good when you score a goal, but it was just one goal. I’ve got to keep going.

On Dougie Hamilton’s pass in transition to set up his goal: It was great. I knew he was going to make that pass because he always makes those little passes in the middle. I tried to cut it down the middle and tried to get that pass and go with the speed to the net.

On if this is the type of goal that can get him rolling: I’ve got to keep going. It’s just one goal. Hopefully it’s going to get me going. I’ve got to try my best the next game.

On the team playing its kind of game Thursday: Not many games left before the playoffs. We’ve got to get going and try to find our best game before the playoffs. Today was a huge penalty kill. Those guys were killing it. We’ve got to keep going and try to get focused on the next game and play the same way.

Warren Foegele

On why the penalty kill was so successful: I just thought our pressure was really key tonight on the PK. We were making them rim the puck, forcing them to have errors. It was a great job by the whole unit.

On his goal and Jordan Staal’s pass to set it up: Unbelievable pass. The puck got out deep, and I thought I had a step on my guy. I was hoping [Staal] saw me. It was just a beautiful pass by him, and I was happy to get that one in.

On the urgency level of the team coming into this game: We’re getting down to the end of the season. You want to start to get hot leading into the playoffs. It wasn’t a very good first period for us. But it was a really good response in the second period. We’ve just got to keep moving forward and, like I said, we want to get rolling at this time of the year.

On his initial impressions of Jani Hakanpaa: He’s a physical guy. He seems like a really nice person. He had some really big hits tonight, and it was definitely something that we needed.