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Introducing new Canes Country writer Matthew Somma

Matthew is excited to join the Canes Country staff! He’ll be covering prospects as well as the NHL team.

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Somma, and I am thrilled to be joining the Canes Country team, a.k.a Canes Force 99, as a writer.

I have been a Hurricanes fan for as long as I can remember and have been writing about the team since 2016. Most of my coverage in the past has been related to the future of the Hurricanes, whether that’s the prospects, upcoming drafts, or any players acquired in trades. I have written for a few blogs, most recently Calm Before the Storm, and am currently a co-host on the Tracking the Storm Podcast.

I have also covered Hurricanes prospects on Twitter (@CanesProspects) since 2017. I am also a founding member of the Steven Lorentz fan club. I’m thrilled to be continuing my coverage here at Canes Country and look forward to writing content to get you all excited about the future of the franchise!

So, what types of content can you expect from me? If you can’t tell, I love to talk about the Hurricanes’ prospect depth as well as players that could be options for the Hurricanes in the upcoming draft. Content such as mock drafts, draft options for the Canes, and prospect profiles will be out in the coming weeks! During the hockey season, I’ll be providing updates on the pipeline sporadically while also handling game recaps and other stories that might develop as the season progresses. Again, I’m so excited to be joining the team and I can’t wait to get started!