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Jarvis, Seeley Invited to Hockey Canada’s National Junior Team Development Camp

The two 2020 draft picks will attend the camp from July 28-Aug. 3.

Portland Winterhawks at Kelowna Rockets Photo by Marissa Baecker/Getty Images

Seth Jarvis and Ronan Seeley have been invited to Hockey Canada’s National Junior Team Development Camp and will attend in the hopes of being considered for Canada’s final roster for the World Juniors.

Jarvis, the 13th overall selection in the 2020 NHL Draft, is coming off of an impressive season split between the AHL and WHL. After narrowly missing the cut for this past year’s tournament, Jarvis went to the AHL and established himself as one of Chicago’s most dynamic forwards in the process. Mediocre WHL numbers aside, it was an impressive season for Jarvis. Jarvis should be one of Canada’s forwards when the World Juniors rolls around in late December. He was one of the final cuts before last year’s tournament and has developed considerably since then.

Ronan Seeley is a bit of a surprise on this list given the fact that he was a seventh round pick in 2020. Those players usually get passed over in these types of camps, but Seeley had an impressive 2021 campaign. He was named an All-Star in the WHL’s US division and was tied for his team’s lead in scoring for defensemen. For those of you that may be less familiar with Seeley, let me give a short synopsis of his game. He’s a smooth skating, quick defenseman with great playmaking abilities. He can seal gaps well in the defensive zone and can take away space quickly given how fast he is. I saw Seeley grow offensively this past season as well, especially in his shooting confidence. Seeley was willing to utilize his shot as a way to create offense for his team.

While Seeley may be less of a sure thing as far as the World Juniors are concerned, the fact that he was invited is a tremendous honor. These are the best Canadian U20 skaters around, and the fact that he is considered to be among those skaters is an honor. It’ll be a great opportunity for both players and their development, regardless of the final outcome. The full list of invitees can be found below.