Could the Canes be changing the red jerseys?

As y'all are aware, there have been plenty of rumors about the Canes this summer, but the one that stuck out to me came from Icethetics and it said the following: we are looking at changing our home reds. Don't get me wrong I love the current red jersey, even bought a red Ned jersey at the yard sale (yes I know he's gone but hey discounted jersey), but I think a new look might be coming soon and I'm excited. The big thing that stuck out to me about this rumor is that our Central Division banner has the old striping like Rod's, Glen's, and Ron's banners up in the rafters, right down to the OG Hurricane flag striping. I would've thought the new banner would have the current striping to mimic the current uniform, yet they chose to (wisely) go with the design of all the other banners in PNC. Could this be a signal of a return to our roots coming soon? The 25th anniversary season is coming soon and a return to the OG uniform would be a perfect thing to do. Pittsburgh changed to their Lemieux era set in 2017 and they have had a decent uptick in jersey sales as a result. We all know nostalgia is the most powerful thing about sports, so I think Dundon would be wise to decide to return the team to its roots and bring back the original home and away set starting in the 25th anniversary season. After all, the Hurricane striping is our thing and we're the only team that uses anything like it. Why are we hiding it in the sublimation on the jerseys? I've never noticed the flags standing out when you look at old game footage so that argument is moot. Either way, I think you'd see a massive revenue boom here in NC if we were to go back to our original reds and whites within a couple years and with CCM likely taking over post-Adidas, there's a good chance of that happening. Anyways leave a comment below because I'd love to hear y'all's thoughts on this.