Are we better or worse

Fellow caniacs.

So out goes a bunch of beloved players. New ones will come in and we will find new favorites. (I hope)

Did we adress our needs ? is the most important thing here i think.

Get tougher push back when we get to the playoffs.

More goals ? feels like we are one scorer short unless someone steps up. (playoffs)

Not convinced we got tougher but i do belive we didn t get softer. If the everybody stands up for each other that would work.. Rod himself wasn t a fighter but he was intense and i don t remember him being pushed around. Maybe he is looking for some more of that ratther then going for Reaves like new york did.

Put someone like Reaves on the line with Staal. It seems guys playing with him always does their job as a shutdown line. I think we will see the `normal" Staal production almost no mather who he plays with. As long as we don t go back to the Dalpe years.

On the goalies i think we are fine if they stay healthy. We saw the Trochek we wanted after he got healthy. I think Rod thinks he can keep them at least as healthy as Mrazek and Reimer.

So the extra scorer : here s the could it be

A trade for eichel.

To carolina eichel and hold 2 mill : to buffalo 2 first round picks ,jesper fast , prospekt , gardiner .

This is only after we know about his neck.

Our top nine would be good. Eichel would not be the capitan and he could tak his time coming back healthy and strong.

Do it Don.

What do u think and provided he is healthy what would you pay for him. (gardiner goes so we can fit everything under the cap.