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Canes Country’s 2022-23 Season Predictions

Lets. Do. That. Hockey.

NHL: SEP 29 Hurricanes at Panthers Photo by Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

At long last, the 2022-23 NHL season (well, the North American part) gets underway Tuesday.

The Hurricanes won’t play until Wednesday, but we here at Canes Country like hockey in any form. And as always, we have season predictions that are guaranteed to be absolutely wrong!

Anyway, here’s how we think the Metro will pan out, who will make the playoffs, what the Canes’ season will look like and much more:

Canes Country’s 2022-23 Metropolitan Division Predictions

Writer 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Writer 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Alec Hurricanes Rangers Penguins Islanders Devils Capitals Blue Jackets Flyers
Alex Rangers Hurricanes Penguins Islanders Capitals Devils Flyers Blue Jackets
Andrew Hurricanes Rangers Penguins Capitals Devils Blue Jackets Islanders Flyers
Brett Rangers Hurricanes Penguins Capitals Islanders Blue Jackets Devils Flyers
Brian Hurricanes Penguins Rangers Capitals Blue Jackets Devils Islanders Flyers
Cody Hurricanes Rangers Penguins Devils Capitals Islanders Blue Jackets Flyers
Ryan Hurricaens Rangers Islanders Penguins Capitals Blue Jackets Devils Flyers
Zeke Hurricanes Penguins Rangers Islanders Capitals Devils Blue Jackets Flyers

Canes Country’s 2023 Playoff Predictions

Writer Atlantic Playoff Teams East Wild Cards Central Playoff Teams Pacific Playoff Teams West Wild Cards
Writer Atlantic Playoff Teams East Wild Cards Central Playoff Teams Pacific Playoff Teams West Wild Cards
Alec Lightning, Maple Leafs, Panthers Islanders, Senators Avalanche, Blues, Wild Oilers, Kings, Flames Stars, Predators
Alex Maple Leafs, Lightning, Panthers Islanders, Senators Avalanche, Wild, Blues Oilers, Flames, Golden Knights Predators, Canucks
Andrew Lightning, Panthers, Maple Leafs Bruins, Senators Avalanche, Wild, Blues Flames, Oilers, Kings Predators, Stars
Brett Lightning, Panthers, Maple Leafs Capitals, Islanders Avalanche, Wild, Predators Oilers, Flames, Golden Knights Blues, Jets
Brian Maple Leafs, Panthers, Lightning Bruins, Capitals Avalanche, Wild, Stars Flames, Oilers, Kings Golden Knights, Predators
Cody Lightning, Maple Leafs, Panthers Devils, Bruins Avalanche, Blues, Wild Oilers, Flames, Kings Predators, Canucks
Ryan Lightning, Maple Leafs, Bruins Penguins, Panthers Blues, Avalanche, Wild Oilers, Kraken, Flames Predators, Stars
Zeke Panthers, Lightning, Maple Leafs Senators, Islanders

Hurricanes Point Predictions

  • Zeke: 118
  • Alec: 116
  • Brian: 113
  • Cody: 112
  • Ryan: 111
  • Andrew: 108
  • Alex: 105
  • Brett: 103

Hurricanes Leaders: Goals, Assists, Points

  • Alec: Aho, 45 goals; Aho, 51 assists; Aho, 96 points
  • Alex: Svechnikov, 42 goals; Burns, 50 assists; Aho, 87 points
  • Andrew: Svechnikov, 40 goals; Teravainen, 55 assists; Aho 92 points
  • Brett: Svechnikov, 38 goals; Aho, 48 assists, Aho, 83 points
  • Brian: Svechnikov, 43 goals; Teravainen, 55 assists; Aho, 89 points
  • Cody: Aho, 38 goals; Burns, 48 assists; Aho, 82 points
  • Ryan: Aho, 43 goals; Burns, 65 assists; Aho, 94 points
  • Zeke: Aho, 41 goals; Aho, 45 assists; Aho, 86 points

Stanley Cup Final Predictions

  • Alec: Hurricanes over Oilers (seems familiar)
  • Alex: Abstain
  • Andrew: Hurricanes over Avalanche
  • Brett: Avalanche over Rangers
  • Brian: Hurricanes over Flames
  • Cody: Avalanche over Rangers
  • Ryan: Hurricanes over Blues
  • Zeke: Hurricanes over Avalanche

Are we homers? Maybe. The Hurricanes are also just really, really good.

Anyway, let us know what you all think down in the comments.

And as always, enjoy the season!