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Announcing a change in leadership

Alec Sawyer’s time as the site manager here at Canes Country has come to an end, with Ryan Henkel taking the reins.

Greetings, all.

As you can see by the headline, the Canes Country staff is going through some changes in leadership once again. My (Alec’s) time as the site manager has come to an end, as I’m starting a new job in the non-profit world today that I’m super stoked about.

But with that, my ability to do this site justice with my time and commitment has also come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed running the ship here for the last year, and the two main reasons for that are the staff we have here and the enthusiasm of the readers.

On the staff front, everyone that works for this site and has worked for this site during my time here has been awesome. This staff is really, really passionate about this content, and that certainly won’t change. I’m beyond appreciative of all the time and work they’ve put in.

As for the readers, it makes it a lot more fun to write and facilitate this content when you know it’s getting read. Canes Country consistently has great interaction in the comments section, and I’m also beyond appreciative of everyone that has taken the time to read our stuff and use this platform as your Hurricanes’ sounding board.

As for the future, I’m super excited that Ryan Henkel is taking over. He’s an extremely talented writer and brilliant hockey mind, and his passion is beyond evident. He’s going to absolutely knock it out of the park in this role. Also, the Technician Sports reign of terror over this site continues with Ryan, who I first got to know when we were working together at the N.C. State student newspaper.

I’m sticking around as a contributor, so I won’t be completely disappearing.

Again, thanks for reading, and this site is in incredible hands moving forward.

— Alec

I’d like to thank Alec for his time and for being a great coworker, boss and friend. It’s been a treat to work under him and I’m happy that we will continue to have him onboard through the season.

I just want to say that I’m looking forward to continuing to put forth great content for the readers here at Canes Country.

I hope to keep the consistency and quality the same here as we transition and hopefully bring you all more original and feature-based content now that we have regained locker room access.

Thanks as always for continuing to read our work and I hope to live up to the expectations set before me by the awesome editors that came before.