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About Last Night: Four in a row

The Canes have lost four in a row, and Wednesday night’s effort against the Coyotes was ugly.

Arizona Coyotes v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Jaylynn Nash/NHLI via Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes lost their fourth straight game Wednesday night in PNC Arena, though this one wasn’t quite like the others.

After three straight overtime/shootout losses, the Canes got run out of their own building Wednesday by 7-9-2 Arizona Coyotes.

Carolina outshot the Coyotes, created twice as many scoring chances and dominated the Corsi battle — but none of that matters whatsoever, as the result was a loss once again as the process let the Canes down.

Ryan summed it up pretty well Wednesday night, but some more thoughts about last night:

Power outage...again

The Hurricanes went 0 for 4 on the power play against the Coyotes, as they moved to 0 for 20 with the man advantage over their last six games.

During 5:20 of 5-on-4 power play Wednesday, the Canes had just four shots. The power play is completely broken. Carolina brought in Brent Burns partly to help the problem, but that hasn’t really been a fix as of yet.

Scoring once or twice on the power play wouldn’t have made a difference Wednesday night in the 4-0 loss, but boy oh boy does it still suck.

The Canes have a lot to figure out, but the power play is on top of that list. It’s been atrocious, and it’s costing the team games.

This roster is far too talented to be having this many issues with an extra man.

Where are the goals?

The Hurricanes have scored two or fewer goals in six of their last nine games played, and the only reason that isn’t seven is because of the wild empty net comeback Monday night.

They were shutout by the Coyotes — the Canes’ second shutout loss of the month and just Arizona’s second shutout win of the season. The goals haven’t been coming lately for the Hurricanes, despite the overwhelming success of some of the advanced stats that don’t decide the games.

So what’s the issue? A wild string of bad luck? No. It’s obviously a mixture of things, but the Hurricanes just aren’t finding ways to finish. There’s value in sticking with the process and knowing goals will come, but at some point the process isn’t working.

The Hurricanes have some getting right to do.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Canes are a bit of a mess right now — one that is certainly fixable — but the good news is that it’s not today’s issue.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone, and try not to think too much about Carolina’s four-game losing streak on this day of family and rest.