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They Said It: Tony DeAngelo, Andrei Svechnikov and Rod Brind’Amour on Saturday’s loss

The Hurricanes did a lot right on Saturday yet came up empty-handed. Here’s what they thought of their performance.

Carolina Hurricanes v Minnesota Wild Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images

There are games you lose when you lay an egg for 60 minutes and then there are some where the effort is there and the bounces just go the wrong way. To a man, the Carolina Hurricanes believe that their 3-2 loss Saturday night to the Minnesota Wild falls in the latter category.

Here’s what Tony DeAngelo, Andrei Svechnikov and Rod Brind’Amour had to say about the Canes’ performance in the finale of a four-game road trip.

Tony DeAngelo:

On a game like this preparing for what’s to come:

It’s a playoff type feel to the game, real physical team, good team, they’ve had good success this year against top teams. I thought we handed them a couple there to push the game to 3-0, but besides that I thought we played a pretty good game. Almost 40 shots, so we keep playing like that and do it for 60 minutes I’m not too worried.

On the road trip overall:

I don’t care about four game road trips or what have you, we’ve got to play the same way every night. I think that’s the way this team is made to do that. We can’t make excuses about it being the fourth game in a week and all that kind of stuff. We just have to play a full 60 minute game and we’ll be fine. We showed it two nights ago in Boston, a 60 minute game and we played really well. We’ve got to do that more often. Everyone has a bad game here and there, but this game tonight wasn’t bad at all. It was really good. Sometimes you just have lapses, and good teams score when you have lapses.

On the results from the road trip:

Point percentage wise, it wasn’t great, we didn’t get what we wanted out of it, but we had a lot of good stretches in these four games, and a couple times we had lapses. Good teams - Toronto’s a good team, Minnesota’s a good team, Boston’s a good team - they score when you have lapses. As long as you do 60 minutes, we’re going to be fine.

On Svechnikov’s recent play:

He’s a dominant player. He’s got a dominant frame to him, he’s a great skater, a strong kid, and when he’s playing like that it makes our team that much better and that much deeper throughout the four lines. He’s been great, and he’s starting to get rewarded for it.

Andrei Svechnikov:

On the missed chances at the end:

It was kind of in the lane. I don’t know what happened there. on the last one, it kind of slid down and from their team someone got the puck. I don’t know, it’s tough. It’s always tough to not score those ones when it’s in the lane.

On Kaprizov:

Never played with him [on a Russian team], but where I’m from, he’s a couple hours from there. It’s nice to play against him. He’s a great player, a great skater, and a star for sure.

On the road trip:

If we had won this game it would have been great, five points, but we got three points from this trip. Obviously it’s not what we want, but we’ve just got to keep going, and hopefully the next road trip will be good for us.

On playing with Trocheck and Jarvis:

We feel each other. Jarvy’s got the speed there, he tried to use his speed, and Trochy, he’s a great player. I think we’ve got the chemistry between us, and we’re just going to keep going for sure. We’re playing better and better every game.

Rod Brind’Amour:

His thoughts on the performance:

It’s tough. I didn’t like a couple of the goals we gave up, the way we did it, we kind of forced some plays and you don’t have to do that. Those will end up in your net. Overall we certainly had enough chances. I counted three or four where you thought it was in and somehow it didn’t get in. We played hard. You just can’t give those “freebies” where you just hand the team a turnover and it ends up in the net. That’s a tough one.

On the four games in six days:

The easy thing to do is to say we lost three of four, and that’s bad. That’s not how I’m looking at it. Certainly, game one we should have won, game two wasn’t great, but I liked the way our guys dug in and fought back. Obviously we played well in game three, and this game was maybe even better than that. Obviously the outcome is not acceptable, but there’s a lot of good that went on here.

On getting nothing out of a good effort:

That’s exactly right. At the end of the day you’ve got to win the games, you’ve got to find a way. But when you play a pretty good game, and certainly created enough to win it, those are tough.

On Svechnikov’s performance:

He’s been really good a lot of games, but yeah, he deserved what he got tonight with the [two] goals, and he probably could have had one right at the end that just missed too. He was all over it tonight. He was good.