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They Said It: Brind’Amour, Niederreiter, Domi on win in Arizona

The Carolina Hurricanes put up a big night offensively in Arizona Monday, beating the Coyotes 5-3 while putting 52 shots on net.

Carolina Hurricanes v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes put up big numbers in a late-night win over the Coyotes Monday, beating Arizona 5-3 while putting a season-high 52 shots on goal.

The Canes weren’t without their hurdles in the game, letting Arizona make it a one-goal game late in the second period after a pair of defensive lapses, but still handled business with relative ease down the stretch.

The makeshift line of Nino Niederreiter-Max Domi-Jesper Fast, playing without captain Jordan Staal, had a big night, as all three members of the line found the back of the net during a big second period for the Canes.

Following the win, head coach Rod Brind’Amour, Niederreiter,

Rod Brind’Amour

On the overall performance: It was ok. We definitely created enough chances. We gave up a few too many good looks, and they capitalized. But overall, we’ll take the two points, for sure. We needed it.

On making it a little harder than it needed to be in the second: Yeah, we had a couple. We were up and the game was pretty much in hand, and we try to run an offensive play when we probably didn’t need to up a faceoff. Clean win, and that’s in your net. They did a set breakout, right idea to try and poach it but really didn’t have to. It gets behind you, and all of a sudden we’ve got a game. It happens that fast.

On the third line without Staal: They were good. All the lines produced. They were all effective. Obviously with [Staal] out, that’s a big hole there. I thought Max, asking a lot of him to play in that spot, did a nice job.

On Antti Raanta getting the win in his first game back in Arizona: I didn’t even realize. It’s been a long time. We had a lot of guys that obviously played here before, so it’s always nice when those guys can contribute and get a win.

On Fast and Niederreiter being so consistent and valuable: Totally. Nino and [Fast], we both know how they can play the game pretty consistently night in and night out. To drop a new guy in there, it’s probably the best scenario because with those two guys you know what you are going to get.

On not missing a beat without Staal: No, he’s a big piece. We miss him definitely big time, and we hope he’ll be back pretty soon here. It’s definitely a huge win. We needed that one, for sure.

On what he liked about the team game overall: There were good parts about the game, and then there were some times in the game where we need to clean up the way we are playing. Overall, it was good that we got the win.

On Domi fitting in with the line: I think he was moving his feet really well today. That’s definitely a big key for his game. That’s definitely what he did tonight. It was easy to play with him. We talked a lot with him on the ice and off the ice and tried to get him going.

Max Domi

On finally getting his first goal with the Canes: Yeah, for sure. Anytime you can break the ice like that. In a game like this which was a must-win game for us, I’m trying to help any way I can. I got a chance to play with two great line mates, so we’ll take it for sure.

On looking comfortable with Fast and Niederreiter: That’s one of the best lines in hockey, really. Obviously it’s never fun to see a guy on your team go down, especially one of your best players and the leader of your team. Hopefully he’ll be back in the next few days, but in the time being it’s pretty special to play with both of those guys.

On the whole performance: The last couple games have been tough. We know that. Games only get tougher now, so we’ve got to find ways to chip away here. I think overall we made some adjustments between the second and third and shut it down in the third to keep the lead. We shoved it down their throat essentially.

On scoring his 100th in Arizona: Yeah, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about everyone here. It’s unfortunate that I get to play in this rink. It’s pretty emotional getting to say goodbye to everyone who works here. I don’t think they ever get enough credit, from the ushers to all those people. I was here for a good chunk of my career, and I have really special relationships with all of those people. I’m going to miss them for sure, the training staff over there. I only played with like four guys who are still there now, so that’s a little bit different. But it’s always special coming back to AZ and seeing the Coyotes fans.

On if he prefers playing center vs. wing: It’s the same, honestly. When you have a team like this that is so good, you’ve got to be able to play all three positions. [Brind’Amour] has obviously put some trust in me to put me in the middle and on the left and right, so wherever he asks me to play. I know it’s pretty cliché, but I’m going to play to the best of my abilities and help my teammates and line mates as much as I can.

On if he had talked to his dad after the game about scoring 100: No, I wasn’t texting him. I was just chilling with the boys...It’s one of those things where it’s obviously special to play this game and score one goal, so when you get 100 it’s a special feeling for sure. To do it back here is great. It’s a huge win tonight, just got to get ready for the next one now.

On his ability to step in for Staal showing off the depth: Yeah, for sure. We had all four lines that contributed tonight. For our team to have success, that’s what we need. It’s great to see. Hopefully [Staal] is back sooner rather than later because he’s such a big part of this team, and he’s playing such good hockey. Hopefully he’s back real quick, but we all have so much confidence in everyone in the lineup. Whenever they are asked to do a job, they do it. So yeah, it’s a huge win. Enjoy this one, get ready to go for the next one.

On getting the win for Raanta in his first game back: Yeah, awesome. [Raanta] is such a beauty. He’s such a good goalie, too. He made some big saves as well when they started to tilt the ice a little bit. Obviously our penalty kill was great, and he’s a big part of that, too. Huge win, and he was a massive part of that.