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They Said It: Brind’Amour, Jarvis, Slavin, Teravainen on comeback win

The Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Winnipeg Jets 4-2 Thursday night at PNC Arena.

Winnipeg Jets v Carolina Hurricanes Photo by Gregg Forwerck/NHLI via Getty Images

It looked like it was going to gear up to be another frustrating game for the Carolina Hurricanes where they heavily outshoot an opponent and still come up empty, but then some timely goals by Teuvo Tervainen and Seth Jarvis helped propel the Canes to a victory.

The Canes stifled the Jets offense after conceding two goals and countered with four of their own to win in front of the PNC Arena crowd.

After the game, head coach Rod Brind’Amour along with Jarvis, Jaccob Slavin and Teravainen spoke with the media. Here’s what they had to say:

Rod Brind’Amour

On pushing the opposing defense back tonight: It kind of looked like a familiar game. Thankfully we got a different result. We’ve had a lot of these ones where we can’t ask for much more and the goalie was playing great against us and it looked like the same thing. I think the key was breaking through at the end of the second. Just coming out being one shot out, not two. I thought we had a really good third and definitely needed that one.

On the theme of his pre-game speech being, “What are you going to do when bad things happen?”: I hate when I say things and they come to fruition like that. Things certainly didn’t go our way, but it was how we responded. That was the key. Just sticking with what we were doing. It looked a little scary in the second where there was a couple of turnovers in the o-zone because we were trying to do too much. It never really works. But that was about all I can say was iffy about that game. We were good.

On the power play getting back up to speed: The first three were really solid. You’re looking to see if we’re creating any chances and we definitely did. The last one wasn’t so good, but that happens sometimes. You get up and you’re not really sure and the other team is kind of going for it. But the power play was good. That was the turning point to get us back into the game.

On Teuvo Teravainen getting back on the score sheet: More for himself. He’s hard on himself, so it was good to see it go in.

On the Trocheck line seeming to finally find a personnel fit: They were really good. The third period especially, I mean Svechnikov kind of took over there. Made a couple of individual plays that led to a goal. That was a big turning point there too. Getting that to go in.

On why there have been so many games that have gone with this flow: We play hard. Our guys play hard. It’s a testament to the group to be sure. They put there work boots on every night. That’s the game, but if we can play like that, we’ll take that all the time. I’ve said that in the games we were losing. That’s the exact same game other than the goalie making all the saves. In those games, what else are you going to do? I was pretty happy with the game.

On Seth Jarvis: He’s been great. You’ve got to remember how he’s new to the league, young kid and he’s not a big guy, so there’s a lot going against him, but he’s definitely maturing before our eyes. He’s earned his spot in the lineup and he’s definitely earned his ice time.

Seth Jarvis

On having a night where things went their way: It was nice. I think it was a good execution as a whole. I think we had more than enough chances to score and sometimes you just have to wait till near the end of the game. We did and we capitalized. I thought we played a pretty solid game overall. Just getting those bounces is nice.

On scoring against his hometown team: It’s so cool. That was awesome. That’s definitely the highlight of my career so far, scoring against them. It being a game-winning goal makes it a little bit sweeter.

On getting to the net and winning battles: That’s where you score a lot of goals in this league. I’ve learned that just by watching other guys and I did what they told me. Just go to the net and good things will happen. Just kind of weaseled my way between the D and the goalie and I was thanking God that it didn’t get called off.

On the goaltender interference challenge: The puck hit his helmet and then it hit me and bounced behind him. They watched it for like three minutes and I was like, “This is the one that gets called back?” But thankfully it didn’t.

Jaccob Slavin

On sticking with it and doing things the right way: There’s lots of ups and downs in hockey and Roddy’s pregame speech before the game today was, “What are you going to do when bad things happen?” So, not off to a great start, but we stuck with it and it just teaches resiliency and that’s what you need, especially going into the playoffs. The more we can get that, the better chances we have.

On if he was shooting or passing on his goal: It was a shot, it was just no raiseys. No biggie. It was a shot though.

On Andrei Svechnikov: He’s a special player. We’ve always known it. Even when he was a rookie in the league, he had that ability. He’s just getting smarter — and he’s always had poise — but just continuing to get better and more confident. He plays a hard game so it’s always nice as a defenseman to give someone like that the puck.

On refocusing after mistakes or miscues: We play an aggressive style. Our d-corp can skate really well so we’re always up in the play, always trying to keep pucks alive or whatever it may be. But, I think just having that mental reset and getting back to defense first, but also if we don’t play aggressive, we’re kind of sitting back almost. So not losing that, but making sure that we have the mentality of everything hard and everything quick when the puck’s on our stick and when the puck isn’t on our stick, making sure we’re still skating and having good positioning. We’d rather have [those mistakes] now than in the playoffs, but we’ll be good.

On the top power play getting back into form: It was a good night. It’s always a good boost of confidence and we need to make sure that thing is firing on all cylinders going into the playoffs. That’s something that’s going to be a game changer.

On preparing for opponents like Kyle Connor: We just play it like we’d play anyone else. Obviously know when he’s on the ice, but our game’s aggressive and there’s not a lot of time and space out there, so we just need to make sure that’s being taken care of. He’s a special player, but that doesn’t change anything that we do.

Teuvo Teravainen

On the power play getting back on track: We’ve been trying to work on it everyday. Just sometimes you don’t get the bounces. Some improvement. We’ve just got to be better at the small things. It’s all about the little battles and getting the puck a little better. I think we’re getting better.

On a game going the right way: It was big. Down two goals but we always have the belief that we just play our game and that we’ll get our goals. We don’t start cheating. Just keep going and try to take over the game.

On Seth Jarvis: He looks big out there. Good job on the net front there. Got a big goal. He’s been playing really good for us and I think he’ll only get a lot better. Good for him.

On Rod’s speech before the game: We always just keep going whatever the score is. It doesn’t really matter. We try to play the same way every time still. Sometimes you get the bounces and get the goals and sometimes not. It’s just how it goes.