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They Said It: Brind’Amour, Trocheck, Svechnikov, Teravainen on Game 5 win

The Carolina Hurricanes once again got the job done on home ice Thursday night, beating the New York Rangers 3-1 to grab a 3-2 series lead.

New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes held serve once again on home ice Thursday night, beating the Rangers 3-1 in an overwhelmingly complete effort to grab a 3-2 series lead.

The Canes did pretty much everything right Thursday, limiting New York to just 17 shots while scoring on the power play for the first time in the series. Vincent Trocheck and Andrei Svechnikov broke out of short slumps with goals, while Teuvo Teravainen stayed hot with a power-play tally.

Following the game five win, Carolina head coach Rod Brind’Amour, Trocheck, Svechnikov and Teravainen spoke with members of the media.

Here is what they had to say:

Rod Brind’Amour

On a lot of guys getting needed goals: Everyone played well. That’s kind of the game I’ve been waiting for. We’ve been playing ok, but tonight was good all the way around. It was more how we want to play. It was good.

On limiting New York’s chances so well: We limited their scoring opportunities. That’s huge, especially considering that we didn’t score a ton. We had a lot of opportunities, a lot of posts. They were still in the game, so it was good that we didn’t give them opportunities because they are so talented. We gave them one, and boom it was in the net. It’s super important to limit those chances.

On if he saw that Strome was offside from the bench: You’re never sure, but as soon as it happened the process is to check it. I don’t know why it took so long. I understand that maybe they thought it was brough in by us, so at least they got it right.

On if that changed some momentum: Obviously if we get behind that’s a different game. We had just come down and had a great shift. I think we hit the post down there. And then they come down and you’re like ‘oh man, is it going to be one of these nights?’ But thankfully it obviously wasn’t.

On the power play looking better: It’s weird. We’ve been in that funk for a long time. It was ok as far as how it looked, but that was obviously much better tonight. I don’t know how to explain it, to be honest with you. We talk about the same things. It’s how it goes sometimes.

On Seth Jarvis: He’s banged up. It’s not pretty. But I give him a lot of credit. This kid is growing on me every day. You watch it. It’s pretty impressive.

On Svechnikov getting a goal and that possibly getting him going: We hope. We need him to score if we’re going to win games, this time of year especially. That’s a huge goal at the right time. I don’t know that he was playing lights out to that point, but that kind of player has that ability out of nowhere to make something happen. That’s what happened there.

On dominating the third period and on if there’s hope that can translate on the road now: It’s not like this is anything new. When we draw it up, that’s kind of how we want it to be. Does it transfer over? Obviously we hope so. I don’t usually take a lot of stock from one game into the next. Good or bad, it’s always about the next game and it takes a life of its own. But that’s definitely the way we want to do it.

On the ability of Jordan Staal’s line to shut down other top lines: You’re talking about three guys who play hard and do it right. I think Jordan, I talk about him enough, but the way he plays the game is right every shift. There’s no breath out there. He’s all out all the time. That’s a recipe for success.

On Teravainen and his veteran experience helping the team: Yeah. We know the talent is there. He’s a sneaky skill player that you see on that goal. That’s a catch and shoot that not many guys can do at that pace and to put it in the right spot. Nothing bothers him. He’s cool. Does that help at this time of year? I think it helps because his game doesn’t change.

Vincent Trocheck

On special teams getting going and on his goal: [Jordan Staal] did a really good job. He was at point and kind of wedged Trouba one way, and Trouba was trying to go the other and it caused him to fumble the puck. It landed right on my stick. They skated by me, and I had a little bit of time. The pass that Jordan made was incredible.

On the offside review changing momentum: Usually I think those types of goals are what change games and change momentum. But we were prepared tonight, and the mentality on the bench didn’t change from the start of the game to the end. Even when they scored that goal, I think we were pretty confident. We had confidence and played hard the whole game. We played our game, and I think that’s the way it has to be.

On shutting down New York’s chances and locking the Rangers down in the third period: Yeah, that’s just the type of game that we play. We play a hard-nosed game and smart. That’s how we played all regular season. We kind of got away from that the first couple of games this series. But when we play that way and play our game, I like our chances against anybody.

On some guys getting goals to get them going: It can be. The power play, that’s big. We need to score on the power play. Obviously special teams are huge. We’ve said it a million times. Svechnikov, he’s going to get his goals. He plays hard every night. But if you were to tell anybody on our team that they’d have zero points in the playoffs but we’d win the Stanley Cup, they’d take it.

On how they take this into game six on the road: You just do it. It’s kind of like beating a dead horse. We’re not winning on the road, but it’s no different really. Just be prepared.

Andrei Svechnikov

On scoring and getting that weight off his shoulders: Yes or no, to be honest. Like I said last game, I try to go there every game and work hard. I did that today, and it’s perfect. Of course it’s a little bit of relief, but the next day for me is going to be the same no matter what. I’m going to work hard.

On the offside challenge shifting some momentum: Yeah, it’s huge. That would be 2-1 they would be up. It would be a really different game. But they said no and all the guys said ‘let’s go,’ and from that we started playing our game.

On if this was their most dominant win of the series: I would say the third period was dominant. I think we played our game and were just everywhere. I think we’ve got to move that game to the next game, and we’ll be successful.

On the power play scoring: [Brind’Amour] is always saying it’s a power play and penalty kill game. That was huge today. It was on fire, for sure.

On Teravainen: He’s huge. It’s such a high talent that he’s got. Everyone knows in the locker room that he’s got that high talent. From nowhere he can make a play. That’s great for us.

On if they can take this type of performance on the road: Of course we can. For me personally, I don’t think about that we’ve lost five games. It’s just going there and working hard and play our game. We’re going to be successful.

Teuvo Teravainen

On the power play getting going: It’s big, of course. Special teams are big this time of year. After last game it was just reset and start over and not think too much. We just think about going forward, and we scored on the power play.

On what he saw and shooting high: That was just a great play by [Seth Jarvis] to find that seam to me. I just tried to catch it and shoot right away. It’s a good play by Jarvis.