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WATCH: Canes’ prospects skate on Day 1 of development camp

A handful of Carolina Hurricanes’ prospects took the ice Monday at Invisalign Arena.

NHL: JAN 04 Carolina Hurricanes Training Camp Photo by Jaylynn Nash/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images via Getty Images

The Carolina Hurricanes’ Prospect Development Camp got underway Monday at Invisalign Arena, as a handful of Carolina prospects and some non-drafted invitees took the ice for the first time this week.

Monday’s on-ice portion of events was just on-ice testing, as each player participated in some straight-line resistance skating drills. Off the ice, the group has some events scheduled for learning and growing, apparently including some cooking lessons.

This year’s Prospect Development Camp is the first since 2019 for the Hurricanes, and it’s a great chance to get the young guys on the ice, see where they are at and give them instruction on where they need to grow.

“Today we did some off-ice testing where we’re really just trying to get baselines on guys to see where they are at in development,” said Director of Defensive Development Peter Harrold. “Then we’ll give them the next steps and hopefully give them some things to work on so that next time we see them we’ll see some progress.

“With the on-ice stuff, we used the 1080 sprint machine that gave us some force productions and profiles for their workouts. We took a bunch of video so we can look at their skating mechanics and maybe give them some things to work on in the summer time. And hopefully we’ll see progress the next time we see them.”

While there weren’t any pucks involved or drills on the ice, Monday still gave fans in Invisalign Arena a chance to see some of these prospects that they’ve never seen before.

Here’s our footage from Monday’s on-ice testing:

*Note: There were a few skaters that participated that I did not get video of. The three goalies in attendance also did some on-ice crease movement drills that I didn’t get a chance to check out

Bryce Montgomery, Defenseman, 2021 Sixth-Round Pick

Bobby Orr Jr., Right Wing, 2021 Fifth-Round Pick

Cade Webber, Defenseman, 2019 Fourth-Round Pick

Jackson Blake, Right Wing, 2021 Fourth-Round Pick

Simon Forsmark, Defenseman, 2022 Fourth-Round Pick

Lucas Mercuri, Center, 2020 Sixth-Round Pick

Cruz Lucius, Right Wing, 2022 Fourth-Round Pick

Nick Nardella, Forward, Camp Invitee

Eric Cooley, Right Wing, Camp Invitee

Massimo Rizzo, Center, 2019 Seventh-Round Pick

Scott Morrow, Defenseman, 2021 Second-Round Pick

Jeremiah Slavin, Defenseman, Camp Invitee

Devin Phillips, Forward, Camp Invitee

Alexander Pashin, Right Wing, 2020 Seventh-Round Pick