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Brian has covered the Hurricanes since 2007 and joined the Canes Country staff in 2011. His day job is reporting traffic on the radio in Raleigh, and is inordinately proud of the fact that he has the Interstate highway system memorized. He also likes string cheese. Brian is a native of Cleveland who moved to Raleigh before most of the rest of the city moved here, and has lived here ever since.

About Last Season: 2021-22 Report Card

The season ended as a disappointment, but your votes indicated that time went a long way toward mitigating the sore spots.

Inside Brent Burns’ new role with the Canes

Burns will fill a significantly different role with the Hurricanes than the one he’s filled for the Sharks in past years. Could that help counteract the age-related downward curve he’s been on the past few seasons?

About Last Season: Jordan Staal

Time is unquestionably catching up to the Canes’ captain, but Staal delivered to his typical high standards on defense as part of a trio that only very rarely saw itself broken up.

2022 Playoff Pick ‘Em Final Standings

Sorry, commenters. Our fearless leader knows more than you.

About Last Season: Ian Cole

The Hurricanes pretty much got exactly what they paid for by signing the veteran Cup champion.

Playoff Pick ‘Em: Stanley Cup Final

One last round before we hand out the silverware!

Playoff Pick ‘Em: Third Round Picks

It’s time to make your picks for the conference finals.

Canes at Rangers: Game 4 Preview

Never mind M.T. Knett; the Hurricanes’ true nemesis is literally any building other than PNC Arena. Can the Canes turn the tide at MSG tonight?

Canes vs. Rangers: Game 1 Hub

This game hub is restricted to residents of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Second Round Preview: Goaltenders

Igor Shesterkin needs no introduction, putting the Hurricanes at a decisive disadvantage in net. What can we expect between the pipes in the second round?