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Brian has covered the Hurricanes since 2007 and joined the Canes Country staff in 2011. His day job is reporting traffic on the radio in Raleigh, and is inordinately proud of the fact that he has the Interstate highway system memorized. He also likes string cheese. Brian is a native of Cleveland who moved to Raleigh before most of the rest of the city moved here, and has lived here ever since.

A quick note regarding the future of Canes Country

The short version: we aren’t going anywhere, although things may be a bit more sparse than we’d like for the next couple of months.

CC’s 2023 Playoff Pick ‘Em: Stanley Cup Final

OK, I guess we need to finish this up. Unfinished business and all that.

Canes vs. Panthers: Game 2 Preview and Hub

How will the Hurricanes respond to a Game 1 gut punch? Hopefully by avoiding another six-hour marathon, for one. A win would be nice, too.

CC’s Playoff Pick ‘Em: Conference Finals

We’re halfway home with plenty still to play for. Make your third round picks now!

Canes vs. Devils: Game 2 Preview and Discussion

Just like last round, the Canes have a chance to go up 2-0 before leaving Raleigh.

CC’s Playoff Pick ‘Em Challenge: Round 2

It’s a tight leaderboard after Round 1. Make your second round picks now!

Canes at Islanders: Game 6 Preview and Game Hub

After two days off to sit and think about a chance to clinch the series that slipped through their fingers on home ice, the Canes head back to Long Island to try to finish the job in their second attempt.

Carolina Hurricanes at New York Islanders: Game 4 Preview and Lineups

We know this series is coming back to Raleigh. What will it look like when it gets here?

Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Islanders: Game 1 Lineups and Discussion

The ultimate prize is sixteen wins away. The rally towels are ready. It’s go time.

2023 CC Playoff Pick ‘Em: Round 1

Our annual tradition returns. Can you beat the "experts"? Let’s see you prove it.