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Canes Country Community Guidelines

Welcome to Canes Country, an online community for fans of the Carolina Hurricanes. Whether you've been following the team for twenty minutes or twenty years, we want this to be a welcoming environment for all to share experiences, exchange opinions and ideas, and engage in healthy debate. First and foremost, this requires treating all members of the community with courtesy and respect. With that in mind, it is the responsibility of all who participate to adhere to a few basic guidelines.

Canes Country is a member of the SB Nation network and as such, all SB Nation Community Guidelines will be strictly enforced. In addition, the following rules are specific to Canes Country and will also be enforced.

Unacceptable Conduct

The following behaviors are unacceptable and are not permitted:

  1. Personal attacks or insults to members of the community or the editorial staff and writers. This includes making threats, name-calling, ridiculing, harassing, belittling, making ad hominem statements, calling for harm or injury, or baiting or trolling for purposes of inciting negative reactions, prolonging an argument, or disrupting a conversation ("picking a fight"). This includes talk of team relocation in any non-news context.
  2. Comments which, in the sole judgment of Canes Country management and moderators, are prejudicial, bigoted, intolerant or libelous. These explicitly include, but are not limited to, comments deemed to be racist, sexist/misogynistic, homophobic/transphobic, xenophobic and anti-religion.
  3. Excessive profanity. Profanity is not prohibited, but repeated, disproportionate profanity (including masking of swear words) and vulgarity will not be allowed. Overtly sexual topics, language, and images that would be deemed "Not Safe For Work" and grossly vulgar humor are not allowed.
  4. Spamming or other attempts at advertising without prior express permission.
  5. Calls to action on topics unrelated to the game of hockey. Comments on political, religious, inflammatory or highly controversial topics are prohibited except in specific instances when germane to an article's topic. In such cases, comments will be strictly moderated to remain on topic.
  6. Public discussion of any kind, including remarks made on social media, or otherwise interfering with moderation and disciplinary action that is being carried out by editors and moderators.
  7. Posting illegal or unlawful content, including links to pirate feeds of games or other live events.
  8. Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of evading community guidelines or disciplinary action on Canes Country or other SB Nation sites.

These rules apply to all member content including but not limited to user profiles, usernames, avatars, signature lines, comments, FanPosts, FanShots, and comments on Canes Country social media pages (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Privacy and Confidentiality

The privacy of all league players and staff (including their families), privacy of all members and staff of Canes Country, and confidentiality of league operations must be respected at all times. Comments or other content which deal with rumors, hearsay, innuendo or speculation about any non-public situation outside the bounds of the game of hockey are not allowed at any time. This will be enforced as a zero tolerance policy. If there is a question or concern about what is allowed to be posted, please contact a member of the editorial staff first before posting.

Copyrighted Content and Images

Copying and pasting an entire article from another site is not permitted. The proper procedure is to post a few pertinent lines or brief excerpt from the article with a link back to the original source. Do not post images without permission from the copyrighted owner. When in doubt, provide a link back to the source material instead. Likewise, do not copy and paste entire articles or photos from Canes Country on another site. Use the excerpt/link procedure in this situation as well.

Images in comments should be posted in moderation in terms of size and frequency, in consideration of page load times. Images may be removed if they interfere with article thread or site performance.

Violation of Rules and Disciplinary Action

The Canes Country editorial staff and designated moderators are responsible for enforcing Community Guidelines and disciplinary action. Comments and articles that violate the Canes Country or SB Nation Community Guidelines are subject to deletion immediately and without prior notice or explanation. In addition, a formal warning may be issued, which must be acknowledged by the member upon returning to the site and before further participation in the community may resume. Extreme egregious behavior, or continued violation of the guidelines after repeated warnings, will result in being banned from Canes Country.

Be advised that due to software limitations within the comments section, trailing replies are automatically deleted when a comment violating the community guidelines is deleted. Discretion when replying is advised.

If a member wishes to appeal a ban or requires further explanation about moderation or disciplinary action, please make the request via email at Members are not allowed to publicly discuss or otherwise interfere with moderation and disciplinary action. Discussion of moderation elsewhere on the internet is considered germane to Canes Country and is subject to these guidelines as well. Attempts to circumvent community guidelines or disciplinary action by creating a new account will result in a permanent IP address ban across all of SB Nation.

If any member feels that another member is acting in violation of the Community Guidelines, please flag the comment and provide an explanation using the comment flag tools, or send an email to the above address with any questions or concerns, instead of replying. Replies will be deleted when the violating comment is deleted.

Community Guidelines are subject to change. All content posted by members is subject to moderation even if the content doesn't fall specifically under one of the rules listed above.


Advertisements displayed on Canes Country are not under the control of site management and do not imply endorsement or approval. Inappropriate ads may be reported to SB Nation management by using the contact form at

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