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Community Guidelines

Welcome to Canes Country, a melting pot of sorts for fans of the Carolina Hurricanes and hockey lovers in general. We routinely get visitors from around the globe here and all fans, new or old, local or living abroad, are welcome to join the site and leave comments, create fanposts, or post fanshots.

The rules around here are few and far between, but as with any venue where several different people gather and a wide variety of opinions are exchanged, there need to be a few basic guidelines. Our goal is to try to make visiting this site worthwhile and enjoyable for as many people as possible.

The following behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated:

1. Personal attacks on other members. By this we mean, threats, name-calling, ridiculing, harassing, or belittling. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if they seem delusional to you. Also, please keep in mind that some members might be posting while using English as their second, (or third) language. Perfect grammar is not required.

2. Prejudicial or bigoted comments. (sexist, racist, homophobic, etc).

3. Excessive profanity. We all slip up and swear from time to time, but repeated, disproportionate profanity will not be allowed. This site is linked from several mainstream sports portals and we want to keep it that way. Regarding the sharing of pictures and links, a general guideline is that if it can't be shown on the local news, it probably should not be posted here.

4. Spamming, trolling, or other attempts at advertising without permission.

5. We will drift off-topic here and have "threads" for discussions about a variety of things, but topics concerning politics, religion, or other possible inflammatory subjects are not allowed.

6. You are not permitted to copy an entire article from another source and paste it into a comment or fanpost here. Proper procedure is to copy and paste a few lines or a paragraph or two and then leave a link back to the source. On the flip side, do not copy and paste entire articles from Canes Country on other sites. Use the same procedure as previously stated.

7. Please do not delete a fanpost or fanshot you created after it has been commented on. Contact a member of management about the problem and we will discuss options.

8. Privacy Policy: Please respect the personal privacy of all league players, management, and their families. Discussions or photos which are personal in nature are not allowed. The staff reserves the right to remove any offensive posts, topics or photos that are personal in nature to any player or member of the Hurricanes organization. Also, please respect the privacy of other Canes Country members. Do not post photos or information that is personal in nature without prior permission from member.

9. Relentless Negativity: In general, negative points of view are welcome at Canes Country. If presented in the right way, with some reasoning or while proposing solutions, such viewpoints can usually lead to productive discussion which can then end up benefiting much of the community as a whole. Also, people get frustrated from time to time and will post emotional outbursts, especially during open game threads. That is also understandable and acceptable, within reason. But when a member constantly repeats the same negative message over and over, without anything else to add, that will be considered a form of spamming and that person will be warned to stop and could be banned. (Example: Coming into a game thread during a loss and repeating multiple times, the team stinks, this player stinks, that coach stinks, this happened because the GM stinks, etc. etc. That will be considered spamming. One or two such posts are usually plenty enough to get your message across.)

Now having said all of the above, we know that sometimes friends will joke between themselves and what possibly seems like one member attacking another could be just good friends sharing some humor. The rules are open to interpretation.

If anyone sees a comment or something else that you feel breaks the rules or is inappropriate, please flag the comment or contact us at After review, if necessary the appropriate person will be warned, but we also reserve the right to immediately delete anything we feel is in violation of our policies without notice and ban the corresponding offender.

Canes Country is a member of the SB Nation family of blogs and members are bound by SB Nation's Terms of Use and the SB Nation Privacy Policy.